Recruiting Trail,Junior Day Invite list: Top 24′ athletes across the country part two

February 25, 2023


9:07 pm



Here are the second series of our 2024 class junior day invite list full of top-tier talent from around the county that deserve to be on as many division I college campuses as possible this spring and summer.


Cameron Dickey (24′) | 5-10, 200 | QB, ATH | Crockett Early College(Tx.)

Cameron is an athlete who has elite speed, agility, and open-field moves. He will make you say wow when you watch his film whether he is throwing or running with the football, on offense he dominates, just get him the ball. He’ll do the rest.

Karlnelious Hall (24′) 6-3, 300 | DT | L.G. Pinkston (TX.)

Hall plays with a physical nature and can send defenders flying with a heavy-handed punch, always looking for extra work. Pass pro is excellent and strength run blocking is elite.

Jeshuah Davis (24′) | 6-2, 285 | IOL | Weiss (TX.)

Davis has the athleticism and strength to pull around and demolish the edge and can terrorize next-level defenders. Dominate in the run game can get out in front in screenplays and be a crucial blocker for running backs to score.

Johnquarius Ervin (24′) | 5-10, 180 | RB, ATH | Amarillo (TX)

Dangerous return man on special teams with lethal speed, as well as out of the backfield. This recruit can burn everyone on the field and looks like the best athlete on the field every time. Can be used in many different offensive schemes and plays.

Mike Feacher (24′) | 5-9,160 | FS, SS | West Brook (TX)

Good at reading the quarterback’s eyes, and coming up with the football. Also excellent from either safety position because of his ability to trail receivers, and make a play on the football with INTs. or PBUs.

JD Davis (24′)| 5-9, 175 | QB, ATH | Rockmart (GA)

Elite speed for a versatile player with great open-field moves, and can run in between the tackles. Could possibly play running back or wide receiver or be used on special teams.

Elijah Sherman (24′) | 6′, 150 | WR | Eaton (TX)

Elijah is an athlete who can play offense or defense but dominates on as a utility player on offense. Flashes impressive speed and core strength with balance braking arm tackles and burning everyone to the end-zone.


Honorable Mentions

Jacob Sapp (24′), WR, Cypress Falls(TX)

Landon Dolhancyk (24′) 6-5, 175 | WR | Mclntosh (GA)

Eric McGehee (24′) | 5-11, 160 | QB, ATH | Parkview(AR)

Clark Pierson (24′)| 6-3, 335 | OL, IOL | Wylie east (TX.)

Case Peacock (24′) | 6′, 165 | WR | Ponder (TX)

Emil Burton (24′) | 5-10, 167 || CB, RB | Romulus (MI)


If you missed our first series see our first part of the top 2024 recruits to know from around the country.

(Note from the author: The honorable mention athletes are just as good as the athletes whom we completed evaluations on, it is just that we ran out of time and will try to add later, thank you for reading.)  


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