Top QB 7-on-7 Performers this Offseason

May 25, 2021


4:52 pm



Here is a list of some of the top-performing quarterbacks this offseason in 7-on-7 play. Now, some people argue that 7-on-7 isn’t real football. Well, I say the offers that showing up to these events are real. Guys seriously can raise their stock in the recruiting rankings by showing up and showing out on the field. Media and fans are in attendance and 2020 was an unusual year in recruiting with the recruiting quiet period expanded by the NCAA coaches couldn’t get in front of athletes and get their eyes on them. So it gave guys like me and others in the media a chance to be valuable and show off some of these guys’ top talents.


Now I will say I don’t think college coaches will show up to any 7-on-7 events in busloads next season and nor do I think they are able to because of NCAA regulations. So our content that we put out in the x-season, we won’t say offseason because there really isn’t any “off” season with football and especially here in the great state of Texas.


Here are some of the top QBS that made their mark, raised their stock, and made their names known. Now, this is not a complete list and if you have any QBS you would like to nominate for this list go ahead and send us a DM on Twitter @TDRecruits or shoot us an email at [email protected]. We’ll hear you out and consider them for the list.




Mabrey Mattauer (24) | 6’5″ 215 | The Woodlands HS

Impressively built QB with the requisite height and frame colleges and the pros are looking for at the quarterback position. Mabrey is amazing in the film and in person. He is just as comfortable throwing on the run as he is in the pocket and this guy can drop bombs believe me when I say that. He showed an impressive performance at the elite 11 competition recently and should put on an entertaining sophomore season.


Diego Narezo (22) | 6’0″ 175 | Cornerstone Christian HS

Diego is a bit undersized at the QB position but that doesn’t mean he cant sling it. He constantly leads his team to multiple championships at these 7-on-7 tournaments and was very impressive. He showed good QB mechanics and has perfect timing on his throws. Has a few things he could improve on but overall he is a great prospect and plays for a loaded Cornerstone Christian that should be fun to watch this season.




JC Evans (24) | 6’4″ 190 | Beandeis HS

JC is another one of the top quarterbacks in the class of 2024 that I am very excited about. His maturity and decision-making out there on the field are just amazing to watch. He can pick apart the defense and puts a nice pop on the ball. Has enough velocity to split coverages and fit the ball into tight windows in the endzone. Beautiful footwork in the pocket also throws well on the run. Should be fun the watch this season.



Duece Barrington (24) | 6’0″ | Katy  HS

Duece was special to watch at all of these 7-on-7 tournaments and is another one of those young up-and-coming quarterbacks that will be well known for years to come. He throws impressively and despite his height being the only negative, he is an excellent QB that can absolutely rifle the ball. I like his spin on the ball, her can make throws over the middle of the field or towards the sideline with good velocity. I think he continues to grow and so does his stock with him.



David Hopkins Jr. (22) | 6’2″ 205 | Mansfield Summit

Hopkins can sling it there is no doubt about that. He has a knack for finding the end zone almost at will. He can pick defenses apart and has a very good deep ball. He can launch it easily 50 yards plus and on the move too. I was very impressed when watching him at these tournaments. Great character guy as well.


Alex Orji (22) | 6’2″ 226 | Sachse HS

The Virginia Hokie was very impressive, to say the least. Already a big name walking in. Orji had plenty of big-time offers. I think the exposure from the tournaments and being in the discussion played a part in his final decision and offer from Virginia Tech. Could be wrong maybe it was just timing, but whatever it was Orji was impressive and showed off his elite arm strength and footwork. Took command of the field and dominated every time he stepped onto it. Should be special to watch in college and I say he has NFL draft potential.


Nick Evers (22) | 6’2″ 190 | Flower Mound HS

The Florida Gator committed back in March which was right in the heat of the 7-on-7 season when things were just getting fired up. He is always impressive when he takes the field and featured an excellent arm and beautiful footwork back there in the pocket. He chose the Florida Gators over 24 other division I schools and he will be a star for them in the future.


Austin Novosad (23) | 6’3″ 180 | Dripping Springs HS

Austin has pinpoint accuracy and throws a nice ball. He is a tall and lengthy QB that can launch the ball and fit it into some tight windows. I loved his velocity on all passes and he can find the endzone and put up six points in a hurry.



We didn’t have time to list and evaluate every QB that we’d like but the honorable mentions we will get to in our next article about top 7-on-7 QBs. Unforntaley not everybody does make the list but these are the special quarterbacks that stood out to us. This is not a complete list and adds to it one more time in our next article when we do an analysis of the honorable mentions as well.




Honorable Mentions 


Cardell Williams (22) | 6’2″ 170 | Westfield HS

Karson Gordon (24) | 6’1″ 170 | Ridge Point HS

Sylas Gomez (22) | 6’2″ 185 | Central Catholic HS

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