2024 Prospects to Watch this Season

May 22, 2021


2:59 pm



We take a look at some of the top class of 2024 prospects to watch for here in Texas. Texas is full of talent and the class of 2024 is going to be a very impressive one, to say the least. I believe they will give the two classes ahead of them a run for their money for being the best recruiting class yet.  These are just a few prospects I know will be special for years to come.




Mabrey Mettauer | 6’5″ 215 | QB | The Woodlands HS

Mabrey is and may very well be one of the best Quarterbacks in his class. With his impressive size already at 6’5″ and his poise, leadership on the field, and arm strength, he has the potential to have long-term success far beyond high school. In watching him throw this offseason in 7-on-7 play, he grabbed and demanded the attention of everyone in attendance every time he took the field with his impressive play. He can make all of the throws down the middle of the field or towards the sidelines. Has great velocity and accuracy on all his throws. Should be fun to watch this season. Holds an early offer to Georgia Tech, and many other SEC schools like Texas A&M, and others are interested in him.




Nathaniel Palmer | 5’10” 175 | RB | College Station HS

The running back class in 2024 is loaded in Texas, and the list could very well begin with this guy right here. Nathaniell is an extremely gifted athlete.  Anytime he touches the ball he has the potential to take it in for six, not just a first down. Explosive out of the backfield, he has blazing speed and agility that is simply unmatched. No one on the field can keep up with this guy. He’s got good size, athletic build and if he continues to grow and add mass, he is going to be one of those guys the entire nation knows about. A special player who will earn some stars next to his name and have over 20-30 offers when it’s all said and done for his high school career.



Zion Taylor | 6’2″ 210 | WDE | Shadow Creek HS

Zion can bend the edge and come shooting out of stance and into the backfield before the Quarterback ever has the chance to complete his drop-back.  His recruitment has taken off this offseason and he is shown why he is one of the prominent defensive ends in his class. He has an impressively built frame and will continue to grow and add mass to his size. He also has impressive speed and purist to the ball. He’s got a long wingspan, great vertical to swat down passes, and great jump of the ball out of intimidating stance. Holds 4 division I offers already Colorado, Houston, Michigan State & Pittsburgh. 20-30 offers or more are in store for him when his high school career is over.



Tristian Bennett | 6’0″ 235 | SDE | Trinity Christian HS

Bennett is a beast of the edge and he can get after the QB. He is a little undersized at the moment but being only a freshman last season he still has some time to grow and add some height to his athletic, lean frame.  He can explode off the ball and beat blockers with an arsenal of moves. He has a deadly spin move and violent hand moves. Also shows an impressive bull rush and ability to bend the edge. What really will make him special is his high motor and relentless pursuit to get to the QB or ball carrier.



Kai Rigdon | 6’2″ 225 | OLB / DE | Ferris HS

Kai has impressive size and build for his age. He can also get after the quarterback and cause problems for offenses in the backfield. He has a bull rusher that allows him to display his sheer strength. Kai can also beat blockers with his finesse or lethal swim move to get to the ball carrier. Explodes out of his stance like a cannon. He has great speed and agility. Going through some football drills at a camp we both attended this summer, he impressed with how light he was on his feet. Definitely, one to keep an eye on for years.



Quinton Jones | 5’11 190 | RB | Jersey Village

Quinton has the requisite size for the running back position. Has a thick lean build and yet still looks athletic enough to be an every-down back. He has terrific speed and is simply the best athlete on the field. Not many can keep up with this guy. He can stop at a time and show off his lateral speed and take the ball into the endzone. He has nice cuts and a good stiff arm. Shows a lot of patience as a runner and can find the hole and take the ball in for six every time he touches it. We all know speed kills, thats why I love finding players like this that can absolutely gas defenses. Should be a very highly rated back going into college.


Harry Stewart III  5’9″ 180 | RB | Centennial HS

Being only a freshman on varsity last year. This running back put on a show and definitely impressed me very much when watching his film. I love his ability to run in between the tackles and take off with the ball. He can go from standing still to the end zone in almost a blink of an eye. I mean 0 to 60 real quick. I love his sudden burst of acceleration out of the backfield. But you really gotta love his ability to be patient as a runner. Coaches love ball carriers who can give their guys time to actually block and open up holes for the ball carrier. He shows this elite patience that not many have and pairs it well with his explosive speed out of the backfield. Should be a special player for years to come.




These elite prospects are only just a few names of talented players that I have shared with you for the class of 2024. We still have a few others who we will continue to put out here in weeks to come. If you have any recommendations or if you want to suggest a 2024 prospect we should feature. Follow us on Twitter just click on our Twitter name @TDRecruits and send us a DM. Or send us an email to [email protected] and we will consider featuring a select few.









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