Top Running Backs in Transfer Portal

May 24, 2021


1:36 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

Today we look at some of the top Texas running backs in the state. These guys are some of the best prospects out there. Some very highly recruited coming out of college, here they are.



Darwin Barlow (19) | 5’11 195 | RB | TCU

Barlow was a 3-star recruit coming out of high school playing for Newton. In 2018 he was class 3A Offensive Player of the Year as a senior. Was named Off.MVP of the state title game and had a tremendous high school career. He is an impressively built back, has a very lean-athletic look., not too bulky. Man can this guy fly, wow. He has the ability to run in between the tackles and has enough strength to break free of tackles and take the ball in for six.


Joshua Fields ( 17) | 5’9″ 195 | RB | UTEP

A little undersized as a running back, however, Joshua is easily at times the fastest guy on the field. He can make a quick cut out of the backfield and be off to the races. Leaves guys 5-10 yards behind, often enters in the endzone untouched. Entered the transfer portal early this month.



Jaylen Davis (19) | 5’9″ 163 | RB | University of Houston

A bit undersized as a back and could add some more mass to his frame but Jaylen is a good ball carrier. He is patient finding the holes along the offensive line and can hit them in a hurry. I’d say he has good ball carrier vision, i like his ability to take what the defense is given and take off with the ball.



Stay tuned this week as we will be adding to this list and also informing you about other positions.



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