Recruiting Trail,Junior Day Invite list: Top 24′ athletes from across the country.

February 23, 2023


7:48 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

Today we bring you some of the top recruit worth of invites for Junior days. All of these recruits have been hand selected and reviewed amongst a lot of players and we have come up with a list of some of the best class of 2024 recruits to know that coaches must get eyes on and get onto campus.

We all know if you don’t by now that college football and more particularly recruiting is a relationship-driven business. Recruits and parents want to go to campuses where they feel welcomed, not just like another number, or as someone else trying to take their cash. They want to send the athletes to college programs that have shown interest in their child or have at least tried to reach out and made contact more than once.

Sometimes coaches don’t know who they don’t know about so we are here to help bring a spotlight to those recruits whom we believe can play football and their talents translate at best to a division I, FBS to FCS caliber school. So here are some of the best recruits I have hand-picked from across the country to know about that deserve invites to junior days and college campuses across the country.


Jackson Arnot (24′) | 6-1, 185 | QB | Vista Ridge (TX.)

Jackson is a multi-sport athlete who can throw deep passes down the field effortlessly and hang in the pocket with his eyes downfield in the face of pressure. He shows his athleticism by buying time with his legs, can roll out to either side and deliver a nice catchable ball. Jackson shows he can also thread the needle, splitting defenders to find the open receivers downfield or in the end zone. Jackson also flashes impressive speed, and athleticism with his ability to take the football into the Endzone himself. We think with some improvement to his footwork and throwing technique Jackson is without a doubt FBS caliber prospect who could surprise many in 2023, and make a name for himself as one of the top QBs in his class.

Ephraim Dotson (24′) | 5-11, 175 | CB | Hightower (TX.)

Dotson can be considered a ball-hawking cornerback and a highly productive one at that who can trail receivers stride-for-stride, and track the football in the air to come up with big-time plays, and stops. Shows he can play pressed, or floated-off receivers, and get his head around when trailing them to track and attack the football in the air. Displays great field awareness, and keeps an eye on the quarterback so he can bait them into throwing his way and dive in front of passes or find them in the air to come up with INTs, or PBUs. Dotson is without a doubt an FBS-caliber recruit who will have plenty of stars by his name, be highly ranked, and have plenty of offers coming in, shortly.

Brady Barrowman (24′) | 6-6-, 260 | OT | Minooka (IL.)

Brady is a dominant offensive tackle with next-level size and skills already. His strength and leverage allow him to dominate defenders. Once he locks in or gets hands-on defenses they are most likely going down. Techqunie versus the run and pass needs a bit of improvement but nothing that doesn’t say Brady should be a highly rated and recruited offensive lineman.

Kyle Garvis (24′) | 6-1, 290 | IOL, C | Strake Jesuit (TX.)

Kyle is an elite interior offensive lineman recruit who is one of the top centers or interior offensive linemen in his class. We believe it is only a matter of time before Kyles’s recruiting heats up and takes off very soon. Kyle plays with a physical nature and has a mean streak to him driving defenders into the ground and racking up pancake blocks. Very athletic for a big man at nearly 6-foot-2. Can play center very well in power formation or out of shotgun.  Kyle is without a doubt an FBS, division I caliber prospect that many should know and keep an eye on.

Stephen Gill Jr. (24′) | 6-1, 195 | QB | St. John’s (TX.)

Stephen is a recruit to know with division I interest and talent who without a doubt could easily be mentioned among the top ten or twenty recruits in his class.  Gill features a beautiful threes step drop back and has a rocket launcher of an arm that can hit receivers 50 yards plus downfield in stride with ease. Gill can hurt defenses with his legs or arm and can throw strikes to open receivers on the run. Stephen throws a beautiful football with a nice spiral and knows when and when not to put velocity on passes. Will be a quarterback we suspect could rack up plenty of stars and offers.

Donovyn Omolo (24′) | 6-1, 180 | QB | Conway (AR.)

This is an elite quarterback recruit who has a sidewinder, baseball-type of throw to the football but can launch the football, and throw strikes with different dexterities. Has the athleticism to buy time with his legs or take the football into the endzone himself.

Preston Honeycutt(24′) | 6-4,255 | OT, IOL | Hutto (TX.)

Preston is a recruit whose recruiting will heat up and take off this year. At 6-foot-4, 255 lbs Preston has a lengthy athletic-looking frame with long arms and a solid base for an offensive lineman with ample room to add more mass and weight to his frame. Could be a true left tackle or interior offensive lineman. We project Preston as a guard or center prospective offensive lineman recruit as an FBS-caliber prospect that can play anywhere in the country. Preston is without a doubt a division I, FBS caliber prospect who has the size, and skills to be highly rated, and recruited offensive lineman recruit.

Jaylen Brazzle (24′) | 5-10, 165 | CB, WR | Weiss (TX.)

Jaylen looks like a jammer defensive back who can knock receivers off their routes, trail the best of them and get his head around to make plays on the football. Shows great awareness of the field and can shut down receives in the Redzone. FBS caliber recruit worth an invite to college campuses.

Jake Young (24′) | 6-5, 270 | OL | Pearce (TX.)

Jake is a raw offensive lineman with plenty of next-level size and strength that can bulldoze defenders into the dirt and as the athletism to pull around and kick out the edge or pancake next-level defenders. technique needs a bit of work and improvement. Overall solid FBS recruit with great size and can develop into a special one, physicality and everything just about checks all the boxes.

Joshua Gettemy (24′) | 6-2, 220 | RB, ATH | Yorkville (IL.)

Joshua is an athlete who makes the big plays look routine, and can dominate at either the running back or wide receiver position or even play defense. Has elite speed and runs with the toughness to shake off defenders or make them miss in the open field on the way to the end zone.

Jed Olotu-Judah(24′) | 6-1, 180 | CB, S, | Katy (TX.)

Jed is a defensive back who in only a matter of time will take off. Interest is already pouring in for a defensive back who is impressive with size, talent, and he can dominate as a corner or safety. Jed displays a tone of potential as a jammer defensive back who plays very physically, and it shows in his play in tackling ability. Jed is an excellent form-tackler in the open field and is not afraid to lay the lumber flying downhill to light up ball carriers.  His ability to contribute on defense and on special teams almost makes him elite, Jed could project to be a recruit that ends up on a lot of radars, and college recruiting boards.

Aiden Kaplan(24′) | 6-3, 278 | IOL, OL | Lake Creek (TX.)

Aiden is just a matter of time before this recruit heats up and takes off. With the requisite height, and frame for playing the interior of the offensive line and dominating. He shows some good technique and flashes impressive athleticism and strength. Very versatile on the offensive line, and could play multiple positions if possible( i.e guard and center). FBS caliber prospect who has been gaining a lot of interest lately. Will develop into one of the premier interior offensive line recruits, and could end up passing some on recruiting boards and many rankings.

Isaiah Avery (24′) | 6-1, 180 | WR, DB | Refugio (TX.)

An apex catcher who can showcase his vertical ability by going up and catching the football. Also has elite speed and runs crisp routes to create separation for himself in his routes and can come with the catches in the endzone or pick up yards after the catch on his way for six. Plays both ways on offense and defends but dominates on offense.

Lane Stockton (24′) | 6-1, 170 | QB | Tomball Memorial (TX.)

Lane is a recruit who’s recruiting can take off at any moment this year. A multi-sport athlete who can receive a scholarship either playing football or baseball and or both. Lane does an excellent job avoiding pressure in the pocket, and works the pocket beautifully with great technique and mechanics. Lane is forecasted to have a tremendous senior season and works with some of the best quarterback trainers, and coaches from the Houston area.

Marion Lewis (24′)| 5-10, 160 | CB, WR, ATH | Porter (TX.)

A hard-hitting corner who is also a threat on at wide receiver or on special teams because of his elite speed. Backpedal, and the flip of his hips and head to get his head around to make pay on the ball is phenomenal. Can also dominate at a wide receiver at the slot position and can be used on many different plays and schemes.

Nolan White (24′) | 5-11, 175 | CB | Memorial (TX.)

Nolan is a ball-hawking corner who looks like an elite defensive back with hard-hitting capability and his physical nature translates to his play. Great awareness of the field and can trail the best of receivers, back pedal looks smooth, and has elite speed plus agility.

CJ Miller (24′) | 6′ , 215 | MLB | Anna

CJ is a run-stopping middle linebacker who is the quarterback of the defense featuring a solid frame with lean muscle mass. Miller is a tackling machine because of his high motor, speed, and explosiveness into backfields to rack up TFLs, or getting after the quarterback. He has the speed and agility to get to ball carriers quickly, and cover sideline-to-sideline. Does a good job showing patience in reading plays and letting them develop in his favor, filling his gaps, and coming up with stops routinely.

Jaydon Williams (24′) | 5-11, 165 | CB, FS | Lake Gibson (FL.)

Jaydon can come up with routine stops with PBUs or INTs easily and is a threat on special teams as well because of the blazing speed he flashes. A downhill runner who brings the lumber to ball carriers and looks versatile on the field with his ability to play special teams, or corner, nickel, or free safety.

Corian Powers (24′) | 6-2, 185 | FS, RB | Langham Creek (TX.)

Corian is a hybrid safety and linebacker who projects to play linebacker at the next level and has the next-level size and skills already. With an athletic build with muscle mass, Corian looks like an intimidating force on the field and he is dominant in his play. FBS caliber recruit who could be in the conversation for one of the top inside or outside linebacker recruits.

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