New Player Profiles Coming in 2023

December 6, 2022


3:38 pm



New player profiles will be coming in the coming months and into 2023 as rank and create profiles for the 2024, 2025, & 2026 classes in Texas High School football and as well for our college football 2023 transfer portal.

What’s New?

  • Player Ratings & Grades
  • Industry comparisons
  • Connect to Athlete

Example: 2024 QB DJ Lagway’s profile. 

Player Ratings & Grades

Separate from others in our industry we will be doing player evaluations and analyses that will contribute to our new and exclusive grading system we will have for recruits which will allow us to rank players accordingly. In addition to giving our own grades and ratings, we are also giving out our own star rankings. Our star rankings will be what we think any athlete could or should have compared to other websites like 247sports or On3 recruits. We will be comparing stars and rankings by these sites and compare our forecasting and rating to any player we seek to add to our rankings and player list. With input from Texas High School football coaches from around the state and other industry professionals, we aim to bring a broad scope of coverage for recruits. For more on our player grading please check out our introduction article already and stay tuned for additional information to come on each position we grade, and rank.

Industry Comparisons

Stars and rankings, as well as predictions, will be added to our player profiles in 2023. We want readers and viewers to have a combined one-stop shop comparison of any athlete with all of the sites you are familiar with like but not limited to 247sports, On3, Rivals, and more. Our forecasted stars will be given to those athletes that are already ranked and are yet to be discovered. We hold no bias against any player or school, we will provide all the information, stats, and everything that will showcase the athlete’s talents, abilities, and hard work. By no means are our new profiles final products and we will be adding more as we go, but we feel like we have a good base in which to start profiles for all of the athletes we rank, and evaluate.

Connect to Athlete

Going forward we want you to connect with athletes in ways never done before. Gives you access to all of their social media accounts, and special access for college football coaches to athletes high school football coaches, parents, counselors, etc. In addition, special access to players’ films, pictures, and even updates from the athletes themselves will be able to be found on our page.

Expected Completion Date

The expected completion dates for all athletes that we rank have an August of 2023 completion date and should be fully viewable and accessible to all thanks to generous donors who help us help athletes from all across the state. We aim to find good football players here regardless of stars or rankings if they can play football and handle business on and off the field. Those are the players we aim to cover here at recruits. Hence our motto “Champions are found here”.

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