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November 28, 2022


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  • tdrecruits new grading system
  • How we grade and rank players
  • Grades vs. Stars

We will be introducing our new player profiles and grading system this year and into 2023.¬†Similar to PFF’s grading system, we have created our own which is very comparable but designed to fit athletes at the high school football level.

PFF Player Grades | PFF

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How We Grade Players

Many factors go into grading players by our proprietary formula that involves, but, is not limited to a player’s physical attributes relative to their position, positional skills, industry rankings, level of competition, and input from industry professionals such as but not limited to past or present high school coaches, college coaches, scouts and others that have played game in college or the professional levels. A grade number system scale from 50-100, and letter grades of A-D (100 being the best overall grade comparable to letter grade A and 50 being the least comparable to letter grade of D).

Grading Scale & Who Does the Grading?

tdrecruits employees and contractors which comprise a team of industry professionals including but not limited to past or present high school coaches, college coaches, scouts, former collegiate players, and others. All grades are finalized and completed by our upper management staff including but not limited to our Director of Recruiting. More details on how we will grade each position to come in the future.

Player Rankings

The grading system we are implementing will help aid us in our player rankings which will provide a more detailed comparison than compared to others who simply state rankings and give no reasoning or expiation as to why the said player should be ranked ahead of the other. We seek to add a professional, unbiased opinion of high school football players with input from industry professionals. We provide a place where not only the highest rated and recruited players have a platform, we seek to cover all players who project to play at the division I FBS to FCS levels of college football.

Grades VS. Stars

Our player grading system will give us a comparison of how players stack up against the industry comparison from sites like but not limited to ESPN, 247sports, On3, Rivals etc. We will analyze and evaluate every player at each Texas High School football with the information that is available to us from the coaching staff and other online resources. Including all players, we will grade and rank all that are unranked or not evaluated by others for factors unknown. Our goal is to provide a true analysis of players and compare them to the number of stars a player should, or will have in the future with our proprietary grading system. Yes, we will be giving out our own star rankings and predictions.

Dates of Completion

Our goal is to have a completed database of profiles, grades, and rankings of over 700 players by the summer of 2023. July 2023 is the expected completion date.

How can you help?

Donate. We do not charge subscriptions which means all of our content is viewed for free, with no charge because of generous donors and sponsors that help give athletes a spotlight and exposure. By donating you give us the ability to contuse to hire and employ industry professionals that thereby give us the ability to help student-athletes in your community. Help us counties to help student-athletes by helping keep our platform up and running, anything helps! Thank you to all of our readers and those that have donated already. None of this would be possible without your support.

(Note: By donating does that no way guarantee that we will endorse, grade, or market your athlete. We remain an unbiased system that aims to cover all athletes equally.) 

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