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November 8, 2021


7:31 pm



The final week of the regular season was fun to watch but we cannot wait for playoffs to be here already. Nonetheless, there was some playoff type matchups that happened this week as some district titles were on the line. It felt like every one is primed and ready for playoffs. Here is the final week of the regular season of Texas high school football Players of the Week for the Houston area.



Offensive Players of the Week


Preston Hatter (23) QB, Klein Oak

Stat line : 8 completions fro 18 attempts with 243 yards passing and 3 touchdowns and 12 carries that when for 145 yards rushing and an additional 4 touchdowns. Totaling 7 touchdowns on the night.

Hatter has been on elf the top dual threat QBS in the 2023 cycle this season and he’s proved just about every times he’s been on the field. Klein Oaks offense has been heating up throughout the season and Hatter is the main part of that reason.


Kaleb Black (23) WR, ATH, Klein Oak

Stat line : 4 receptions for 192 yards and 2 touchdowns

Kaleb is one of the top athletes in the 2023 class, he’s flashes dangerous break away speed and can put the moves on defenders after the catch. Runs solid routes and is a really good utility layer that has been special for Klein Oak this season.


Mabrey Mettauer (24) QB, The Woodlands

Stat line : 12 completions out of 15 attempts and 183 yards passing and 1 touchdown plus 91 yards rushing on 12 carries with 1 other touchdown on a ESPN highlight real run into the endzone that was shared all over social media.

Well no other quarterback in the 2024 class has been more special for me this season than Mabrey. He’s the full package with his his height , phsycaik ability and skills at the quarterback position. He’s picked up quite a few offers this season because of his play and I see those offer numbers counties to rise as he has played a. terrific sophomore season for the Highlanders.


Jobarre Reed (22) RB, The Woodlands

Stat line : 19 carries for 124 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns

Reed has a special night running the ball for the highlanders and made a few highlight real plays. Very under radar running back with no offers at the moment, partly possibly due to being below average height at 5’7.


Jake Sock (22) QB, Pearland

Stat line : 11 completions out of 17 attempts and 252 yards passing with 4 touchdowns

Sock has come through when his number has been called this season and has made a name for himself, but surprisingly doesn’t hold any offers. He has a few mechanical and decision making issues, but this QB can will his team to wins and make some impressive throws, just get to hung ho some times.


Damyrion Phillips (23) RB, Paetow

Stat line : 17 carries for 246 yards rushing for 4 touchdowns

Philips has been a special running back and has helped Paetow solidify themselves as a team to recognize. Philips is a below average height back but he can turn the jets on and take off for the end-zone often untouched. Shows some nice open field moves last week rushing for over 200 yards and 4 touchdowns.


Seth Davis (23) RB, Katy

Stat line : 9 carries for 160 yards and 3 touchdowns

Davis has been one of the top running back this season for me, at least top 10 possibly. Under the radar a bit because of his height but make no mistake, this running back can ball. Check all off all the boxes , flashes impressive speed, vision and can run in between the tackles.


Dallas Glass(23) RB, Katy

Stat line : 11 carries for 137 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns

Glass has some impressive runs on the night in Katys victory, picking up some a lot of yards in a hurry. Exploding out of the backfield, once Glass, touches the football, all he needs is one or two cuts and he’ll be gone.


Bishop Davenport (22) QB, Spring
Stat line : ¬†20 completions out of 24 attempts with 297 yards through the air and get this, –6 touchdowns and another 1 rushing

We cannot say enough about the terrific performances this quarterback has had this season,  A true dual threat, that can Hirt defenses with his legs or arm. His athleticism bears out on the field and was special in his last regular season game as a senior.


Rueben Owens (23) RB, El Campo

Stat line : 15 carries for 205 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns

This season Owens , the NO.1 running back in the nation, has had 170 carries go for 2261 yards rushing and averaged 13.3 yards per carry,– pretty amazing in itself, not to mention the 36 rushing touchdowns.


Marquis Collins (23) RB, College Station 

Stat line: 21 carries for 236 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns

Collins has been one of the breakout running backs in the 2023 cycle who has risen to the top and is in the conversation with some of the top names running the football out of College Station. C-stat has themselves a special back that checks all the boxes, has size, speed, athleticism and can run in between the tackles. Shows great vision and lateral ability as well.



Honorable Mention


Johntre Davis (22) RB, El Campo

Stat line : 14 carries for 174 yards rushing and 1 touchdown


Da’Shawn Burton (25) RB, Needville

Stat line : 33 carries for 218 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns


Adam Tran (24) QB, Jersey Village 

Stat line : 15 completions out of 25 for 296 yards passing and 2 touchdowns


Zavier Joyce (22) RB, Jersey Village 

Stat line : 14 carries for 133 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns


Chase Jenkins (23) QB, Alief Taylor 

Stat line: 16 completions out of 23 attempts and 180 yards passing with 3 touchdowns plus 7 carries for 172 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns.


Alonzo Hines (22) RB, Alief Taylor 

Stat line: 12 carries for 143 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns


Cale Hellums (22) QB, Tomball 

Stat line: 13 carries for 191 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns and threw for over 78 yards and 1 touchdown.


Bert Emanuel Jr. (22) QB, Ridge Point 

Stat line: 16 completions for 18 attempts for 265 yards passing and 2 touchdowns


Bryce Fucik (23) QB, Strake Jesuit 

Stat line: 14 completions out of 17 attempts and 253 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns

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