Update: New Player Cards & Updated Rankings list in 2023

December 22, 2022


11:58 am



In 2023 we will be introducing our new player cards and updating our rankings list.

What’s new?

  • Player profile cards
  • Updated rankings
  • Our own stars rankings
  • Ratings and gradings for player, skills, and attributes.

Player cards will be available to select players that we rank and/or athletes that seek evaluation and their own profile. We have our own selective process in which we determine which players make our rankings and roster for player cards.

With our main focus on FBS to FCS caliber, division one recruits. Not every athlete will be eligible to receive a Player card on our website. We are very selective with the prospects that are represented on our website.

How do we determine who is selected?

Our selection process is but not limited to a very extensive review of players film, huddle, Twitter, size relative to position,and level of play. Our full formula is not shared, is our proprietary formula that makes our website so special, exclusive, and yet inclusive for all deserving athletes.

Please bare with us over the next few months as we update all the players, profile, links, pictures, videos, scouting reports, etc.

Key take away

Our goal and mission is to help all deserving recruits with a platform to showcase their talents and skills regardless of stars or rankings. We find champions here.

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