Top Running backs of Week 2

September 8, 2021


7:15 pm



If you thought last week was exciting and full of action packed play, it looked like a warm up compared to week number two of the regular season. We watched a lot of film and crunched countless amounts of numbers with other running backs from around the area in Houston and have come up with some of the top performers of last week. Here are some of the best out of the backfield having a beast of season thus far.


Top Running backs of Week 2


Seth Davis (23), Katy 

Davis had a few long runs in the win agains Cypress Woods. He was  able to rush for 177 yards on 17 carriers and put up 3 touchdowns making for a very impressive night for the star running back. Davis flashed his vision and speed on the field making some quick cuts and taking off for the races. Davis holds offers from many prominent schools like Baylor, Clemson and Florida. Now I believe his height at only 5’8″ may be playing a part as to why none have offered yet. I believe all of that will change as he counties to impress this season. Stars and offers might be on their way for the Katy running back.



Kedrick Reescano (23) , New Caney 

Reescano may very well be out breakout player and offensive player of the early year nominee. This New Caney running back is off to a very hot start. Last week 20 touches for 170 yards and 5 touchdowns. Coaches if you are looking for a running back that brings balance as a runner with speed and power, look no further. Recruiting took off before the season started for Reeescano by putting in work in the 7-on-7 circuit, making his name known and earning offers from Oklahoma State,  SMU, Houston and Michigan State being the latest to offer to name a few.



Jerrell Wimbley (22) , CE King

Holds five division I offers at the moment, like Houston Baptist, Lamar and Nevada. Wimbley helped his team to a 35-27 victory over Strake Jesuit with 21 carries for 270 yrds rushing and accounted for nearly all of their touchdowns(3). Jerrell looks like the fastest player on the field and many teams find it hard to even lay a hand on them. This is a running back who could have a break out season and end up on a lot of recruiting boards.


De’Monte Seymore (22), Manvel 

In the 35-21 victory over Crosby Seymore had 15 carries for 225 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns. Maybe a bit undersized at 5’8″ but looks like theirs a balance between speed and power in his running style. Coaches if you don’t know you should know this running back. He can get around the edge and leave people in the dust down field. Shows some great vision and lateral ability in between the tackles. This is most certainly a FBS caliber player.



Marquise Collins (23), College Station

Collins has great balance staying on his feet after contact . At 5’10” onehundere and niegty-five pounds , Collins has a solid base and a burst of explosion out of the backfield. Holds college offers to schools like Houston, Kansas, North Texas, Utah State and UTSA. This season Collins has compiled 33 carries for 283 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns.




D’Koreion Hammond (22), CE King

Hammond has ha two back to back games with over 100 yards rushing and over 4 touchdowns. Easily one of the fastest athletes on the field with great balance and awareness. Not bad carthching out of the backfield , can be lined up at receiver and doesn’t mind lowering his shouklder to boll doze over defenders. If they can catch him.

Last game: 13 carries for 112 yards rushing with 2 Rush TDs


Ezell Jolly (23), Ridge Point 

Jolly is a long stride runner who builds speed down field. Shows some elite hands and ability to make one or two cuts and be off to the races. also looks tough to bring down and some great lateral moves that give him the ability to cut back and change direction at a moments notice. keep your eye on this running back this season.


Hymond Drinkard (22), George Ranch 

Drinkard may be one of the most slept on running backs but it won’t be for long. He’s got average height at 5’10” but has some really long arms on him. He has a great burst of explosion out of the backfield and has soft hands. In his tape you will see a few big plays like hurdles, one handed catches and cuts that break ankles, enjoy.






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