Top 5 for 2023 Wakeland OL Connor Stroh

April 29, 2022


3:25 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

FRISCO, TX – Wakeland’s offensive linemen who is one of the top 2023 recruits in the state of Texas, has released his top five choices of schools to continue his academic and athletic career. The top five include Arkansas, Texas, Texas A&M Florida, and Auburn.

“picking these 5 schools was not easy and really a gut feeling about my fit and the coaches of each.” Stroh said about his decision of what went into the top five schools for him.

It all started last year for Wakeland’s star offensive linemen to rise to stardom once everyone discovered who he was. The flame was lit and on from there. Connor would make his first few contact and visits with college coaches last year since the year prior in 2020, as a sophomore Connor didn’t even have one offer. His first few unofficial visits last October in 2021 to Texas A&M, SMU, and Texas definitely proved to pay off for Stroh as he was able to land offers and pick Texas and Texas A&M as two of his top five choices. Now Stroh has 18 total division I offers from schools like Florida State, SMU, Michigan State, Cal and others.

Both the longhorns and aggies have been after Stroh recruiting-wise very hard, although the same could be said about Arkansas who also landed in his top five. Coach Flood, the Texas Longhorns offensive line coach has really zeroed in on Stroh as being one of the top offensive line prospects they are after not only as a unit but as an entire staff making Stroh a priority and rolling out the red carpet whenever he steps foot on to campus if you will.

The Florida Gators didn’t land on Stroh’s list or offer list for that matter until earlier this month. “They all seem very excited about me, so they’re pretty high on my list now.” Stroh told on On3 Gators reporter, Corey Bender.  The gators must have been a dream school for Stroh to land amongst the top 5 soo soon judging by the time frame and also worthy of noting the school that is not in the top five for Stroh but eas after him like white on rice, showering him with love and graphics for social media is another Florida native school in Florida State. The Seminoles were full-court pressed on the recruitment of Stroh but however, but they seem to be out of the race for now.

If we had to pick a top 2 for Stroh we would have to say the Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M have a very significant chance of landing a commitment from Stroh. Why A&M? Stroh told us he had “lots of family graduate from Texas A&M”, so that could play a huge factor, however, controversially enough is the relationship between Stroh and the Longhorns coaching staff. It will be interesting to see the two battle out against each other in the Aggies and Longhorns for Stroh, and also if the Gators, and Auburn even have a realistic chance. What went into this hypothesis of where Connor Stroh could commit to is merely judged on what we have seen and noted along the way about Stroh.

When asked about the recruiting journey for Stroh, because we really like to get to know athletes as a person and about their story, he is what he had to say.“It has been a ride – going from being injured my entire sophomore season to where I am now in such a short time is a blessing.”. 

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