Thursday Night Lights: top games and recruits to watch in the Houston area

October 12, 2021


7:43 pm


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HOUSTON – We are more than half way through the regular season and it seems like time has flown with the amount of action packed play football has brought us this year. Here are some of the top matchups and recruits to watch in the DFW area under the Thursday Night Lights.


Top Games to Watch 


North Shore (6-1) vs Summer Creek (4-2)

Deer Park (5-2) vs Dobie (5-1)

Ridge Point (5-1) vs George Ranch (4-2)



Top Recruits 


North Shore

Defensive back – Caleb Flagg (22)

Defensive back – Denver Harris (22)

Defensive back -Jacoby Davis (23)

Quarterback – Wyndell Mitchell Jr (23)

Running back – Xavier Owens Jr. (22) 

Wide Receiver – Jhalyn Bailey(22)

Wide Receiver – David Amador(23) 



Summer Creek 

Quarterback – Terry Johnson (23)

Running back – Torrie Curry (22) 

Wide Receiver – Andrew Alexander (22)


Team Stats by MaxPreps


Ridge Point 

Quarterback – Bert Emanuel Jr. (22)

Running back – Ezel Jolly (23)

Wide Receiver – Marvin Sessions (22) 

Wide Receiver – Wilson Batiste (22)


Team Stats by MaxPreps


George Ranch

Quarterback – Cole Murphy (22) 

Running back – Hymond Drinkard(22) 


Team Stats by MaxPreps 


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