The Recruiting Trail: the latest recruit commits, and whose heating up this summer

June 30, 2023


3:59 pm


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Welcome to our weekly series where we bring you the latest updates on Texas high school football recruiting. In this article, we will highlight the top recruits of the week who have committed or decommitted, providing you with valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of Texas high school football. We’ll also include a chart showcasing the players and the schools they have committed to. So, let’s dive into the exciting world of Texas high school football recruiting!

Recruits that Committed

Drelon Miller: A New Addition to the Texas A&M Aggies

The Texas A&M Aggies have been making waves in the recruitment sphere with their recent commitment from Silsbee’s 4-star wide receiver, Drelon Miller. Miller, a standout player in the class of 2024, had a multitude of offers but ultimately chose Texas A&M. His decision to join the Aggies is a testament to their growing reputation and the allure of playing for a program that consistently produces top talent.

Carlon Jones: A Defensive Force Headed to Nebraska

Another exciting development in Texas high school football recruiting is the commitment of Bay City’s 2024 defensive end and athlete, Carlon Jones, to the University of Nebraska. Jones’ decision to choose Nebraska highlights the appeal of playing for a program with a rich football tradition and a commitment to developing young talent.

Daniel Cruz: Protecting the Line for Texas

Richland’s offensive lineman, Daniel Cruz, has committed to the University of Texas. Cruz’s commitment to the Longhorns showcases the allure of playing for a prestigious program in his home state. With his size and skill, Cruz is poised to make a significant impact on the Texas offensive line in the coming years.

Chad Otutu: A Defensive Force for UNLV

Weiss High School’s Chidera “Chad” Otutu, a 2024 defensive lineman, has recently committed to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Otutu’s explosive athleticism and relentless motor make him a disruptive force on the defensive line. His ability to penetrate the offensive line and disrupt plays in the backfield caught the attention of college recruiters, making him an intriguing prospect for UNLV.

Jabari Bush: From No Offers to Arkansas State Commitment

Paetow’s Jabari Bush is a recruit who, just a few months ago, had no offers. However, with determination and the support of our sister company Diversion Sports Management, Bush has secured a commitment to Arkansas State. This success story showcases the impact of marketing, promotion, brand management, and NIL support in helping recruits achieve their dreams.

Weekly Recap

As the week comes to a close, we wrap up this article with a recap of the latest commits and decommits in Texas high school football recruiting. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to bring you the most current information on the dynamic landscape of Texas high school football recruiting.

Player High School Commitment
Drelon Miller Silsbee Texas A&M
Carlon Jones Bay City Nebraska
Daniel Cruz Richland Texas
Chad Otutu Weiss UNLV
Jabari Bush Paetow Arkansas State

Texas high school football recruiting is a dynamic and exciting landscape, with top recruits making their decisions and committing to prestigious programs. In this weekly series, we bring you the latest updates on the rising stars of on the Recruiting Trail. We highlight their commitments and showcase the impact of marketing and support services on their journeys. Stay tuned for more informative articles as we continue to track the evolving world of Texas high school football recruiting.

Remember to check back next week for more updates on the recruiting trail in Texas high school football!

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