The Best Uncommitted Senior Recruits to Know

November 3, 2021


6:50 pm



We have some of the best senior recruits that are still un-committed at the present time. This article is totally free and is not endorsed nor sponsored, our mission is to help some of the talented seniors that may have been overlooked or that are in search of a home. 

We reviewed a lot of film and unfortunately not everyone who sent us their tape made the list, or we may have missed you. We will continue to add to this list in hopes of aiding these seniors who are talented and deserve a spotlight. 

Top Uncommitted Recruits

Julian Humphrey (22) | 6’1 185 | DB | Clear Lake 

One of the best defensive backs in the nation is uncommitted at the moment but not for long. This comes after a de-commitment from the University of Florida, Humphrey re-opened his recruitment and released his top 3 schools, Georgia, Texas A&M, and LSU.


Matthew Golden (22) | 6’1 190 | WR | Klein Cain

 Golden is one of the best senior recruits back on the market after de-committing from TCU recently. Now the star wideout has been fielding offers from schools like the Texas Longhorns and Minnesota, more are sure to follow. 


Carson Roper (22) | 6’2 180|  QB |  Klein Cain

Carson is one of my favorite senior QBs that’s flown under the radar this year but done a phenomenal job. Coaches looking for a lethal dual-threat QB look no further, Carson got the arm and legs to make scoreboards light up. Division I caliber athlete that looks like a solid two to a three-year producer at the next level.

Ramir McCray (22)| 6’0 |  RB, LB Klein Cain

Ramir is a linebacker turned running back to help his team win ball games this year and this year he’s been great. I think I like him best on the defensive side of the ball but he shows great ball carrier vision and speed running the ball on offense. Very good athlete with an athletic build who could be good on either side of the ball. 


Jack Stewart (22) | 6’4 | WR | East Central

Jack Stewart is a wide receiver to know. He has great height and can climb the latter to go up and catch contested passes. He is another one of the seniors who has been overlooked because of not much film. Has only played football for a couple of years, he’s a multi-sport athlete, and basketball was his first sport, but this kid can ball. 


Tayvian Guidry (22) | 5’11, 205 | LB | Fort Bend Christian Academy

Guidry is a run-stopping middle linebacker that can get after the QB with a good pass rush. but undersized below 6’0 but Guidry can play. Has the physical ability to play middle linebacker.


Benjamin McCreary (22) | 5’10, 190 | RB | Johnson HS

McCreary could easily be one of the most underrated Senior running backs. He’s got tremendous speed & agility, he’s explosive out of the backfield, shows great vision, and looks like an FBS prospect with a high ceiling.


Preston Harris (22) | 6’0, 205 | SS, RB | Mansfield Legacy

Talk about a guy that can lay the hit stick, Harris is that man. Violently comes downhill and lays the wood on ball carriers. Also not bad running the ball, athleticism bears out on both sides. I like him best on defense. Very good FBS caliber prospects, didn’t see too much play against passing situations but looks adequate.


William Wallace (22) | 6’0 210 | MLB | Denison

The first thing that stands out is Wallace’s size and build, which looks bigger than 6ft, covers the field well, and looks like an intimidating presence on the field. Big hitter, fills holes, and covers sideline to the sideline.


Terrance Cullivan (22) | 6’0 180 | SS, FS | Bridgeland

Cullivan can cover the entire back half of the field himself and lay the lumber to anyone in his vicinity. He breaks to the ball fast, shows great speed to hunt down ball carriers, and lays the wood. Big-time hitter and plays the pass well. FBS caliber prospect with huge upside.



Andre Dennis (22) | 6’0 185 | WR | West Brook

Dennis is a dangerous receiver in his routes with break-away speed that gives him the ability to take passes in for six any time he touchdowns the ball. Nice routes, could improve, but makes for a good target that knows what to do with the football in his hands. FBS prospect.


Antonio Silva (22) | 6’0 190 | WR | Katy

Silva has the top-end speed to get over top defensive backs in a hurry. Route running is adequate, however, could improve. Finds ways to create separation, get open, and score.


Kelby Williams (22) | 6’3 175 | WR | Manvel

Williams has great size at 6’3 but is a very raw receiver. Shows good speed, and flashes good cuts, and can catch the contested passes in traffic. Good receiver but needs some improvement in routes and after the catch.




Major Youngblood (22) | 5’11 175 | QB | Benbrook

Youngblood is severely undersized at the quarterback position, however, throws just as well as any, featuring a quick release that can gut receivers in stride. Footwork and mechanics need improvement but other than the things that can be improved, this QB is a good prospect.


Tyler Durst (22) | 6’0 185 | QB, ATH | Clear Lake

Durst is an athlete with some wheels, he can throw the football well and deep downfield. However, he’s undersized and I think he could be a prospect that can okay multiple positions. The speed and athleticism of this player would be too much to pass up.


Bj Higgins (22) | 6’1 195 | QB | Dallas Roosevelt

Higgins is one of the top underrated quarterbacks in his class. A dual-threat quarterback that can throw just as well on the run, as he can sitting in the pocket. Throws a nice deep ball and has no problem hitting receivers in stride. Good FBS/FCS caliber athlete.


Eric Hemphill (22) | 5’11 175 | DB | Brenham

Hemphill is a dangerous return man and shows good ball skills making plays at cornerback. He can bait QBs into throws and jump in front of passes and has the speed to take it all the way back for a house call. Can use some improvement technique-wise but good FBS caliber athlete.


Jordan Laxamana (22) | 6’0 165 | SS | Azle

Jordan is a hybrid hard-hitting DB, Linebacker who can play the pass and the run. Bug time run-stopper not afraid to punish ball carriers running his way has the speed and athleticism to bring them down.


Graham Gillespie (22) | | SS | Bridgeland

Graham is a ballhawk at the safety position. He plays the back half of the field well, covers receivers well, and makes plays on the ball. Shows good ball skills, good closing speed, and a physical build. A very good FBS prospect who can be a good contributor at the next level.


Kaden Watts (22) | 5’10 180 | DB, ATH | Brenham

Watts is a dangerous athlete with the football in his hands. Shows flashes of impressive speed and athleticism on special teams and on defense. On defense, he can trail and receivers and makes okays on the football. FBS prospect looking for a home.


Donovan Carraway (22) | 5’10 180 | DB | Texas City

Carraway can play the pass very well. He shows the ability to lay hits on receivers at just the right time to break up passes and bit does he make them feel it. Showcased speed and athleticism, and physical nature. Some improvements can be made technique-wise.


Trevon McCray (22) | 5’11 170 | DB | Humble

Trevon has a long lengthy build with long arms. He plays the ball well, showing good ball skills. Can use some work, technique-wise, but this DB plays against the pass well and lays some big hits.


Carter Sido (22) | 6’0 170 | QB | Hillcrest

Carter is a dual-threat QB, that can throw well on the run and pass well deep down the field. A bit undersized but very athletic and has nice accuracy and timing on all of his throws, however, his game still needs some improvement, and can possibly play a different position at the next level. 


Caden Thrift (22) | 6’6 320 | IOL |Lampasas

Thrift is a nasty blocker who can put defenders in the dirt. He has great size and can be versatile on the offensive line. Plays the interior and shows he can move and kick out the edge, or turn upfield.


Courage Ugo (22) | 6’2 180 | DB | Foster

Ugo is a DB with great height and plays the ball well. Is very physical at the LOS, can jam up receivers off their routes with his long arms. Trails and covers the ball well and is great breaking on the ball quickly. FBS prospect who could be a solid two – three-year starter with some improvements to his technique.


DeJuan Lewis (22) | TBD | SS, DB, ATH | Shadow Creek

Lewis is one of the most underrated DBs in his class. This guy can okay the tun and pass just as any of the elite. Very physical play the ball well and has the speed to be dangerous on special teams as well as on defense.


Britton Moore (22) | 5’11 175 | QB | Reagan

Moore is a strong dual-threat quarterback that can hurt a defense with his elite athleticism and a strong arm. Moore is undersized as a quarterback to state the obvious, however, there is no doubt this guy can play. Could possibly play other positions.






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