Texas A&M’s Welcoming Newly Committed 24 4-Star Drelon Miller

June 29, 2023


8:31 pm



The Aggies are creating a buzz in the recruitment sphere. Their latest victory? Winning over Silsbee (TX) wide receiver Drelon Miller. A standout in the 2024 class, this four-star player has chosen Texas A&M over a multitude of other offers.


Why Texas A&M?

The primary reason for Miller’s choice? Trust and belief. The Texas A&M coaching staff has shown unwavering faith in him from the beginning. This assurance, alongside a positive environment, has made Texas A&M the natural choice for Miller.

Miller’s Remarkable Performance

Miller has shown extraordinary skills on the field, amassing 1,399 yards of total offense with 21 receiving touchdowns and 361 rushing yards during his junior season. His agility and speed have left defenses struggling to keep up.

This talent will now be directed towards Texas A&M’s benefit. Miller’s familiarity with the offensive staff and the strong relationships he has built with the team are sure to make his transition smooth.

A Significant Addition to Texas A&M

Miller’s commitment brings the number of players in Texas A&M’s 2024 recruiting class to 13.

“Just going back over the years and what all they’ve done,” Miller told 247Sports. “They trusted me and believed in me and gave me an offer from the jump. I’m just happy it’s all over, but I’m ready.”

Miller’s commitment to Texas A&M was declared on Thursday night, marking a significant win for the Maroon and White over USC and LSU.

Miller’s Ranking

Miller is currently ranked as the 62nd overall player, 12th wide receiver, and 12th prospect in Texas. His commitment to Texas A&M has been a long time coming, with the university closely following his career. His eighth unofficial visit to College Station on June 21 seemed to cement his decision.

Miller’s commitment to Texas A&M is a significant accomplishment for the Aggies. They have managed to recruit a promising player from the four-star 2024 class. His abilities, coupled with his admiration for the team and coaches, make him a valuable asset to the team.

The Aggies’ impressive recruitment streak is setting them on the path to success. With Miller’s commitment, they’re one step closer to a formidable 2024 lineup.

Miller’s addition to the Aggies’ roster will bring a new level of energy and enthusiasm to the team. His impressive skills on the field will give the team an edge against their opponents. His commitment will also bolster the team’s morale, as his strong relationship with the coaches and players has already made him feel like part of the family.

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