Roller Coaster Ride of Recruiting: from Notre Dame, to Oregon and now flipping to the Oklahoma Sooners for 23′ DB Peyton Bowen

December 22, 2022


7:25 pm



DENTON, TX – Third time is the charm for Denton Guyers star senior defesive back who has had a roller coaster ride of a recruiting journey. From being committed to the Notre Dame fighting Irish, to flipping to the Oregon Ducks, to now signing to the Oklahoma Sooners.

No one possibly could have seen this type of whirlwind coming. Makes sense when you think about current and future teammate and star Quarterback Jackson Arnold being there influencing the decision behind it all, with im sure with other reasons and incentives.


Bowen would go on to say ” As I reflect on yesterday’s whirlwind I¬†recognize that I made some mistakes¬†that I regret and will learn from.Navigating this process has been a rollercoaster. With that being said, I¬†also know that I was blessed to be in¬†the position to consider multiple¬†wonderful universities as I continue my¬†football career.¬†I want to thank Coach Lanning, Coach¬†Lupoi, and Coach Powledge for offering¬†me the opportunity to join your great¬†program. Soon after choosing Oregon¬†yesterday morning, I came to the¬†realization that the decision was not¬†the best path for me. I immediately¬†started to rethink my future.Next, I want to thank Coach Freeman,Coach Golden, and Coach O’Leary for¬†their passion, patience, and efforts to¬†bring to me South Bend. For most of¬†this year I had truly envisioned my¬†future at Notre Dame. That being said,¬†after deciding to reconsider my final¬†destination I came to realize that my¬†heart was somewhere else.”

That else where being in Norman, Oklahoma to play for the Sooners. Peyton had a chance to go anywhere in the nation to some of the top universities and programs in the country. His decision making ability or the way he has conducted himself during this time does not take away from him being an excellent player.

Besides the crazy and insane story of Bowen de-committing and flipping three times within a 24 hour period. Bowen a talented and an athlete with a lot of accolades on the defensive side of the ball is one of the best in the nation at the safety position and has the skills to cover an entire back half of the  football field by hime self.

We recently covered Bowens de-commitment and film from Notre Dame to Oregon, when he had long been committed to play for the Irish; when the news broke he decommitted it sent shock waves in the world of recruiting.

The Oklahoma Sooners have an impressive recruiting class under fairly new head coach Brent Venables who now has three, five star recruits in his name and two being from the same high school and that will continue to be teammates in quarterback Jackson Arnold and now defensive back Peyton Bowen.

(featured photo credit: 23′ Denton Guyer DB, Peyton Bowen on a visit to Oklahoma in June of 2021, Twitter @PeytonBowen10)

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