Recruiting Trail: this weeks recruits on the rise

February 21, 2023


3:50 pm



Today we have a few recruits on the rise that we think you should know about and for coaches to keep on their recruiting boards and radars. The following guys have made a name for themselves rather that be in their sophomore season or for some into the junior year. Either way some of these recruits we are fixing to mention are some of the best to know about if your looking for recruits to get onto campus for invites or to offer and are without a doubt division I talents.


Kyle Garvis (24′) | 6-1, 290 | IOL,C | Strake Jesuit

Kyle is an elite interior offensive linemen recruit who is one of the top centers or interior offensive linemen in his class. We believe it is only a matter of time before Kyles recruiting heats up and takes off very soon. Kyle plays with a physical nature and has a mean streak to him driving defenders into the ground and racking up pancake blocks. Very athletic for a big man at nearly 6-foot-2. Can play center very well in power formation or out of shotgun.  Kyle is without a doubt a FBS, division I caliber prospect that many should know and keep an eye on.

Stephen Gill Jr. (24′) | 6-1, 195 | QB | St. John’s

Stephen is a recruit to know with division I interest  and talent who without a doubt could easily mentioned with the top ten or twenty recruits in his class.  Gill features a beautiful threes step drop back, and has a rocket launcher of an arm that can hit receivers 50 yards plus downfield in stride with ease. Gill can hurt defenses with his legs or arm and can throw stikes to open receivers on the run. Stephen throws a beautiful football with a nice spiral and knows when and when not to put velocity on passes. Will be a quarterback we suspect could rack up plenty of stars and offers.

Tony-Louis Nkuba (24) | 6-2 / 165 | CB | Lewisville

Tony is ranked in our top ten corner back rankings that we recently did. Since our posting of our rankings back in early January Tony’s recruitment has heated up and taken off with 10 offers coming in this year alone with his first SEC offer coming in from Arkansas. We don’t think offers will slow down for one of the shutdown and lockdown corners of the class of 2024 who could move himself a lot of recruiting boards and others rankings. An elite corner back with ideal size for the next level at 6-foot-2, Tony could play corner, safety or linebacker has the potitnal to be a impact player early in his career.


Preston Huneycutt (24′) | 6-4,255 | OT, IOL | Hutto

Preston is a recruit whose recruiting will heat up and take off this year. At 6-foot-4, 255 lbs Preston has a lengthy athletic looking frame with long arms and a solid base for an offensive lineman with ample room to add more mass and weight to his frame. Could be a true left tackle or interior offensive linemen.. We project Preston as a guard or center prospective offensive linemen recruit as an FBS caliber prospect that can play anywhere in the country. Preston is without a doubt a division I, FBS caliber prospect who has the size, and skills to be a highly rated, and recruited offensive linemen recruit.

Ashton Hampton (24) | 6-0 / 170 | S | Pearland

Asthon is one of our top ranked safeties in the class of 2024, and his recruitment after a speculator junior season is beginning to heat up. Two offers have recently came in for Hampton from schools like Oregon State most recently, and Vanderbilt. We see no signs of Hamptons recruiting slowing down and will be a recruit to keep your eyes on who will be making some headlines this offseason.

Jed Olotu-Judah(24′) | 6-1, 180 | CB, S, | Katy

Jed is a defensive back who in only a matter of time will take off. Interest is already poring in for a defensive back who is impressive with size, talent, and he can dominate as a corner or safety.  . Jed firmly projects to be an FBS-caliber recruit and would be an excellent addition to any team at the next level. He displays a tone of potential as a jammer defensive back who plays very physically, and it shows in his play in tackling ability. Jed is an excellent form-tackler in the open field and is not afraid to lay the lumber flying downhill to light up ball carriers.  His ability to contribute on defense and on special teams almost makes him elite, Jed could project to be a recruit that ends up on a lot of radars, and college recruiting boards.

Aaron Flowers (24) | 5-11, 180 | S | Forney

Aarons recruiting since we last posted our 2024 top safeties rankings in January has been on fire with 8 total offers coming in since. The first offer from Oregon  open the flood gates which then lead way to others like USC, Colorado’s new staff, and Oklahoma State, and the Alabama Crimson tide. Flowers is a hard hitting safety that does an excellent job of covering the back half of the field.

Aiden Kaplan (24′) | 6-3, 278 | IOL, OL | Lake Creek

Aiden is just matter of time before this recruit heats up and takes off. With the requisite height, and frame for playing the interior of the offensive line and dominating. He shows some good technique and flashes impressive athleticism and strength. Very versatile on the offensive line, could play multiple positions if possible( i.e guard and center). FBS caliber prospect who has been gaining a lot of interest as of lately. Will develop into one of the premier interior offensive line recruits, and could end up passing some on recruiting boards and many rankings.

Kade Phillips (25′) | 6-2, 170 | DB, WR | Hightower

Phillips is a recruit who has recently caught fire with two offers coming in seemingly back-to-back. Today Ole Miss offered the 6-foot-2 soon to be junior athelete who can play wide out or defensive back. Arizona State just made their offer yesterday with not much fill on the young recruit if any. Kade recently completed in the All American National Combine and domminated, and showcased his skills enough that turned heads and caught the right eyes.

Lane Stockton (24′) | 6-1, 170 | QB | Tomball Memorial

Lane is a recruit who’s recruiting can take off at any moment this year. A multi-sport athlete who can receive a scholarship either playing football or baseball and or both. Lane does a excellent job avoiding pressure in the pocket, and works the pocket beautifully with great technique and mechanics. Lane is forecasted to have a tremendous senior season, and works with some of the best quarterback trainers, and coaches from the Houston area.


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