Jordon Johnson-Rubell Commits to the Texas Longhorns: A Game-Changing Addition to the Defense

July 1, 2023


2:27 pm



The Texas Longhorns’ recruiting momentum reached new heights on July 1st when they secured the commitment of Jordon Johnson-Rubell, a highly sought-after four-star safety. Johnson-Rubell’s decision to join Steve Sarkisian’s program marked the third commitment of the day for the Longhorns, further solidifying their standing as a force to be reckoned with in college football recruiting. The Fort Worth native, who currently plays at IMG Academy in Florida, chose Texas over Ohio State, Michigan, and TCU after official visits to all four schools in June.

An All Hands on Deck Approach: Texas’ Recruitment of Johnson-Rubell

The Longhorns left no stone unturned in their pursuit of Johnson-Rubell. The coaching staff, led by Steve Sarkisian, Blake Gideon, Terry Joseph, and the defensive staff, employed an all hands on deck approach to make him feel wanted and needed in Austin. Safeties coach Blake Gideon made multiple trips to Bradenton, Florida, where Johnson-Rubell transferred to IMG Academy from Brewer High in Fort Worth. This level of dedication showcased Texas’ commitment to securing Johnson-Rubell’s talents and solidifying their defense.

“Texas continuously showed Johnson-Rubell he was a wanted and needed player in Austin throughout the process. That includes on the field, in the locker room as a culture fit, and as a representative of University of Texas football.” – Source

Johnson-Rubell’s Impressive Offer List: Choosing Texas

When Texas offered Johnson-Rubell on May 6th, 2022, they quickly rose to the top of his list. The Longhorns’ offer was joined by 34 others, including prestigious SEC programs like Alabama, Florida, Auburn, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Despite the stiff competition, Texas managed to showcase their appeal and secure Johnson-Rubell’s commitment. His decision speaks volumes about the Longhorns’ recruiting prowess and the draw of the program under Steve Sarkisian’s leadership.

How Johnson-Rubell Fits at Texas: A Versatile Defensive Back

Jordon Johnson-Rubell brings a unique skill set to the Texas Longhorns’ defense. Standing at 5-foot-11 and weighing 180 pounds, he possesses the agility, quickness, and instinctive playmaking ability that make him a true defensive asset. Johnson-Rubell’s play style as a savvy enforcer draws comparisons to former Longhorn safety Chris Brown, who made a significant impact in 2020. Additionally, his ability to process information quickly and deliver impactful tackles makes him a natural fit at boundary/strong safety. With the right development and weight gain, Johnson-Rubell has the potential to make a significant impact on the field for the Longhorns.

The Impact of Johnson-Rubell’s Commitment on Texas’ Recruiting Trail

With Johnson-Rubell’s commitment, the Texas Longhorns have positioned themselves as a top destination for elite recruits. His decision to choose Texas over other powerhouse programs like TCU, Ohio State, and Michigan sends a strong message about the Longhorns’ resurgence under Steve Sarkisian’s guidance. Johnson-Rubell’s commitment not only bolsters the defense but also serves as a catalyst for attracting other top prospects. He has already set his sights on helping Texas recruit other highly-touted players, such as his close friend Corian Gipson, Kobe Black, and Colin Simmons. Johnson-Rubell’s enthusiasm and dedication to building a top-class recruiting group further solidify Texas’ status as a program on the rise.

“I feel like it’s going to be a top-10 class, definitely us getting a lot of Texas guys, also out-of-state guys as well.” – told 247sports.

Looking Ahead: Johnson-Rubell’s Impact on the Field and Texas’ Championship Aspirations

As Johnson-Rubell prepares to graduate in December and enroll at the University of Texas next January, the Longhorns and their fans eagerly await his arrival. With his commitment, Johnson-Rubell brings both talent and potential, adding depth and strength to the Texas defense. His vision for the team is clear – to fight for the Big 12 Championship. Johnson-Rubell’s determination, combined with the coaching staff’s guidance and the support of his teammates, sets the stage for an exciting future for the Longhorns.


Jordon Johnson-Rubell’s commitment to the Texas Longhorns marks a significant milestone in the program’s resurgence. His decision to choose Texas over other prestigious programs speaks volumes about the Longhorns’ recruiting prowess and the appeal of Steve Sarkisian’s vision for the team. With his versatile skill set and playmaking abilities, Johnson-Rubell is poised to make an immediate impact on the field. Moreover, his commitment sets the stage for Texas to continue attracting top-tier recruits and compete for championships in the near future. As the Longhorns’ defense gains a game-changing addition in Johnson-Rubell, the future of Texas football looks brighter than ever.

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