HS Pre-season Preview: 2025 Tight end Watchlist

July 21, 2022


4:27 pm



Today we take a look at some of the top guys who can block and run routes. We are talking about some of the top tight ends ion the class of 2025.

We give you a insider exclusive list of the top tight-end recruits in Texas High School football that will undoubtedly be making headlines for their teams and making headlines this season.


Top Five




Top 3


Davon Mitchell (25) | 6’4 / 230 | TE | Allen

The 6-foot-4 , 230 lbs tight end has a whopping 15 early division I offers thus far from schools like Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Ohio State, Texas and more. Davon is way ahead of his time in terms of athletic ability and athleticsm. His build is a sought, lean frame with long arms built for speed and power. Mitchelle is a vertical threat and can beat most defensive backs in a foot race which is why he is a big mismatch nightmare for linebackers and opposing defenses.


Jack VanDorelaer (25) | 6’4 / 225 | TE | Southlake Carroll

Jack holds 5 early division I offers from schools like Colorado,Texas, Texas A&M, and others. Jack is a lengthy and athletic looking tight end who can hold is own on the LOS. Looks to finish blocks with pancakes and shows a mean streak in him. Not a lot of routes on film yet to tell if VanDorelaer will be an excellent receiving tight end as well as a blocking one. With so much many interest early on for Jack, coaches have identified a tight end prospect who checks off all of the boxes and has the intaglabes and skill set that mirror a similar teammate on his team in 2024 Southlake Carroll tight end prospect Harrison Moore. The two will be a dominate duo as they are some of the athletic and gifted athletes at tight end who can block and catch.

Ty Rupe (25) | 6’5 / 210 | TE | Grand Oaks

Not a lot of film on tape for Ty Rupe, however, taking into consideration his size and athletic ability that he has been able to showcase wether that be at events or on social media during workouts. Rupe looks like an FBS, division I caliber athlete who will be special for Grand Oaks this season. Look for him to make some noise in the recruiting world and draw interest from across the country.



Stay tuned this week as we close off the rest of the offensive class of 2025 watchlist and finish of the series next week taking a look at some of the top defenders in the same class.


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