High School Pre-Season Preview: Top 2025 RBs Watchlist

July 20, 2022


9:45 am



Today we take a look at some of the top running back underclassmen prospects in the class of 2025 here in Texas. Some of these recruits have already begun to pick up national interest and their recruiting has already kicked off with a bang. Coming hot out of the gates are some of the very best running backs that you should be aware of that will be exploding out of a backfield possibly near you.

We believe these prospects will be making headlines for their respective teams this fall and for years to come. So here is our top watchlist class of 2025 running backs here in Texas High School football.


Top 10 Running back Watchlist

Top Three


Deondrae Riden (25) | 5-10 / 180 | RB | DeSoto

Riden will be one of the top-ranked and highly rated running backs not only in Texas but nationally in the 2025 class. Holds 14 early offers from schools like Miami, Oregon, TCU, Texas A&M, and USC to name a few. Deondrae showed impressive running ability in his Freshman season debut with great core strength and balance breaking out of wimpy tacklers and having enough speed and gas in the tank to take runs all the way for a house call. Shows he can run in the trenches, in between-the-tackles, or bounce runs to the outside while flashing some impressive open field moves. Riden will be one name you will hear a lot of this season.

Rickey Stewart (25) | 5-10 / 180 RB | Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill has a wealth of talent, and Rickey is a huge contributor to that. Holds 12 early divisions I offers. Rickey is an amazingly talented running back and there is no doubt why so many schools have expressed interest in Rickey very early on in his career. With his ability to bounce off or avoid contact altogether with defenders, Rickey is able to flash some dangerous cutback ability.  Rickey has great open-field moves that just sets him apart from others. A violent runner with elite speed and fluid ankle-breaking open field moves paired with great lateral speed and the ability to change direction on a dime.

Riley Wormley (25) | 5-10 / 170 RB | Colleyville Heritage

Riley has track sprinter speed and is a threat out of the backfield running the football or on special teams. His speed is phenomenal, shows good excellent strength on contact and burst of speed out of the backfield. Holds 9 division I offers to schools like OU, SMU, and others. Riley will be a special talent to watch this season and for years to come.


Look for these running backs to be special on the field this season because they will be sure to be names that you will undoubtedly hear making headlines for their teams this season. Also, stay tuned this season as this list along with other positions will continue to grow.

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