Game Recap: top recruit performances in the Katy vs The Woodlands game

September 16, 2021


9:54 pm


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HOUSTON – The Katy Tigers remain undefeated on the season with a perfect record (4-0) and a tough loss for the Woodlands highlanders after loosing by four points last week in a heck of a game against Bridgeland. The final score, 14-21 Katy Tigers taking the victory on the night .The Tiger’s offense looked to be clicking on all cylinders and it proved to be too much for the Highlander’s defense to handle, although it was a well fought battle between both teams. 

Sophomore Quarterback Mabrey Mettauer lead the way for the Highlander offense and was able to put on an impressive outing despite the loss.Leading his team down the field late in the fourth quarter. Mabrey showcased why he is one of the top quarterback recruits in the nation. Highlighting his speed and arm strength in the game, keeping the Highlanders close within score. His favorite target on the night wide receiver Ben Ferguson. The pair connecting all night and having some great timing on their routes.



Player of the Game


Seth Davis (23),RB, Katy

30 carries for 227 yards and 2 touchdowns. 2 of which were Katy’s 3 total touchdowns on the night. Davis showcased his speed and elite vision on the night helping lead Katy to the victory. He’s a tough runner in between the tackles and can explode through an open hole on the defense. 


The Woodlands Players of the Game


QB Mabrey Mettauer


RB Jobarre Reed


WR Ben Ferguson 




Katy’s Players of the Game


RB Seth Davis 


RB Isaiah Smith 


LB Ty Kana


DE Malik Sylla


Offensive line of the night 




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