Friday Night Lights: big games and top recruits to watch in Central Texas

October 20, 2021


10:30 am



SAN ANTONIO, Texas РThis week of Texas High School football should prove to bring some tough competition and some exciting matchups. Here are some of the top games and recruits to keep your eyes on under the Friday Night Lights. 



Top Games 



Round Rock (6-1) vs Stony Point (5-3)

Lake Travis (6-1) vs Bowie (6-1)


San Antonio

New Braunfels (5-2) vs East Central (5-2)

Judson (2-5) vs Smithson Valley (7-0)

Akins (4-3) vs Westlake (7-0)




Big Game Preview 


Lake Travis (6-1) vs Bowie (6-1)


There is no doubt that this will be a heavy-weight matchup between Lake Travis and Bowie. We give you an in-depth look at the roster for both teams and what you could expect to see come Friday night.

Both teams have tremendous recruits on both sides of the ball that are division I caliber athletes without a doubt. Leading the way for the Cavaliers is junior Quarterback Bo Edmundson.

Edmundson and company have been having themselves one heck of a year offensively for Lake Travis, which brings a balanced offensive attack, and it starts on the shoulders of their quarterback who is one of the best in his class. 

On the season Edmunson has nearly 1,500 yards passing (1,486) and 18 touchdowns. Watching film you will find, your prototypical quarterback who can set back in the pocket and deliver bombs deep downfield to receivers in stride or over the middle of the field in tight coverage. 

There is no doubt who some of the favorite targets for Edmunson this season are like in athlete/wide receiver Isaac Norris and running back/safety Derrick Johnson who have been spectacular contributors. Johnson is a beast of a runner out of the backfield and has great size and physical abilities on both sides of the ball. He shows he has the vision and the speed to make the big plays happen, shake off a few defenders, and or run them over and take the football in for a house call. 

I’ve been really impressed with Isaac Norris this season, with his size and physical ability I think he is one toughest competitor and without a doubt an FBS caliber athlete. The offense will have their work cut out for them as they will face a tough Bowie defense.¬†

Bowie has two defenders that combined together have a total of 8 sacks on the season getting to the QB seemingly at will. Lake Travis’s offensive line is one of the best in the state so that will be a great matchup to watch during the game. Bowie has 6’6 defensive end Gabriel Musat and defensive linemen Kyle Knudson who have been terrorizing defenses this season.

Other players to keep your eye on defense for Bowie would be junior defensive back Wesley York, Wesley is one of the leaders on defense with 43 total tackles, 1 interception, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 blocked punts,–yeah this guy flys all over the field.¬†

This could be an offensive shootout as both teams have high-powered offenses, with Bowie’s being just as good if not better. Led by Connor Kenyon, a 6’2 junior quarterback who can nickel and dime defenses down the field and one who looks just as comfortable throwing on the run, as he does in the pocket.¬†

On the season Connor has over 1,100 yards passing and 10 total touchdowns,– however, ¬†the turnover bug has affected him at times with 4 interceptions this season. Not bad, so other than that, Connor is a solid quarterback who looks like a recruit to know. Other teammates to look out for would be running back Noah Camacho who has 751 rushing yards, 8 touchdowns this season, and also¬†Cash Peters, Peters¬†who is a 6’2 wide receiver with great size and ability and that leads the team in receiving yards, plus receptions by far with 32 reception and 505 yards receiving with 3 touchdowns.

A very interesting battle will take place this Friday night, as both teams come into this game with a similar win/loss record being 6-1 and 3-1 in district play. The winner in this one will determine which place both teams will land in, as of right now Lake Travis is in 2nd place in the district, and Bowie is right behind them in 3rd place. 

(Stats credit MaxPreps) ( Photo Credit Bo Edmundson , Twitter ) 



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