Champions Corner, Recruit to Know: Vista Ridge 24′ QB Jackson Arnot

February 16, 2023


5:40 pm


Staff Writer

Our champion corner series features some of the top recruits to know in the state of Texas. We cover football payers that are regardless of stars or rankings can play football period. More particular recruits who have FBS, to FCS caliber talent. Today is no different as we take a closer look and do an evaluation of a quarterback to know in the class of 2024 out of Austin, TX.




Jackson Arnot (24′)| 6-1, 185 | QB | Vista Ridge

Jackson is a multi-sport athlete who competes in football and track and is a recruit with an athletic looking frame, and averaged sized height at relative to his position at 6-foot-1. He can throw deep passes down the field effortlessly and hang in the pocket with his eyes down field in the face of pressure. He shows his athleticism by buying time with his legs, can roll out to either side and delliever a nice catchable ball. Jackson shows he can also thread the needle, splitting defenders to find the open receivers down field or in the end-zone. Jackson also flashes impressive speed, and athleticsm with his ability to take the football into the Endzone him self. We think with some improvement to his footwork and throwing techqnuie Jackson is without a doubt a FBS caliber prospect who could surprise many in 2023, and make a name for himself as one of the top QBs in his class.





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