Champions Corner, Recruit to Know: Paetow 24′ WR Jabari Bush

March 2, 2023


9:48 am


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

Champions corner has been presenting some of the top recruits to know from around the state of Texas High school football. Today is no different as we bring to you some of the top recruits to know. Today first up we star player from Paetow high school not on a lot of radars as of yet, but that could all change very soon in the near future.


Evaluation and Analysis


Jabari Bush (24′) | 6-4, 195 | WR, TE | Paetow

Jabari is a versatile recruit who has next-level size and skills that have already drawn much division I interest. A recruit who could be a dominating outside number-one wide receiver, or add more lean mass to his athletic frame and play tight end. Shows good blocking skills out in space or on the line of scrimmage.  A big target, Bush is an excellent target for any quarterback and is a mismatch for most defensive backs and even linebackers. Quickness, speed, and agility need a bit of improvement, however, Jabari can be a sure-handed catcher, and climb the latter to catch any football thrown his way at its apex. Without a doubt a receiver who could end up highly ranked, and recruited with plenty of stars and offers added next to his name. Will be a special player at the next level and could see early playing time, if not by his second year.

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