Champions Corner, Recruit to Know: Lake Creek 24′ OL, Aiden Kaplan

February 9, 2023


12:30 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

We are highlighting some of the top 2024 recruits this week. We bring you some of the best recruits to know in the trenches. One recruit to know is Lake Creeks 2024 interior offensive line recruit Aiden Kaplan.



Aiden has the requisite height, and frame for playing the interior of the offensive line and dominating. He shows some good technique and flashes impressive athleticism and strength on most downs.Aiden Overall significant improvement from last season’s film.Shows strength in a heavy-handed punchShows Athleticism pulling and kicking out edge or pulling up to second-level defenders. Mean streak has improved , see plays were Aiden drives his defender into the ground with good leverage, and also displays a good heavy handed punch that can flatten defenders in pass pro.On run plays, Aiden shows athleticism blocking defenders at the next level. (I.e DBs,Lbs.) Very versatile on the offensive line, could play multiple positions if possible( i.e guard and center).Pass protection techniques and skills are adequate.Run blocking technique and skills are adequate.Blocks until the whistle blows. FBS caliber prospect who will develop into one of the premier interior recruits and could end up on a lot of recruiting boards from prestigious programs around the country.


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