Champion Corner, Recruit to Know: 24′ Warren QB Antonio Meza

April 13, 2023


4:26 pm


Staff Writer

Our champions corner features some of the top recruits in Texas High School football to know each week. We are adding players to our rankings every week and they will be our top 20 and watchlist players like recruit fixing to be mentioned below. This week’s champions corner brings a recruit to know from San Antonio Warren, Antonio Meza.


Evaluation and Analysis

Antonio Meza (24′) | 6′ / 170 | QB | Warren

Antonio can drop dimes. He works the pocket beautifully and can hitch up in the pocket and deliver strikes downfield. Antonio features a quick release and excellent timing with all of his throws to receivers. Although Anotonio doesn’t have the pro-typical size of a quarterback, however, he can make all of the throws and throw from different angles. He also displays that he doesn’t need to set his feet to throw downfield easily fifty-plus yards and find receivers in the endzone. With Meza’s pinpoint accuracy, timing, and velocity on throws, we believe he is an FBS to FCS caliber recruit that can go on to the next level and develop into a player that can contribute.

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