Big Game Recap: standout recruits in Katys victory over Tompkins

October 4, 2021


10:57 am



HOUSTON – The Katy Tigers offense came out swinging and never looked back after that. Quarterback Caleb Koger had himself a night earning himself our MVP of the game. It was a tough decision as both Koger, running back Seth Davis, and star wide-receiver Nic Anderson all had terrific performances on the night.

Tompkins didn’t look bad offensively or on defense, Katy just proved to be too much on both sides of the ball. The Tiger’s defense looked lockdown in this one and didn’t give Tompkins any chance to find a rhythm. Despite the fact, wide receiver Joshua McMillian was able to come up with some pretty electrifying plays. Katy’s defense kept showing up and showing out, getting after a very good Tompkins offensive line and offense.

Tompkins will look to bounce back next week as they face Katy Taylor, and as for the Katy Tigers, they will look to keep their perfect season alive as they advance to 6-0 on the season. Next week the Tigers go head to head with Mayde Creek.



MVP of the Game

Caleb Kroger (23) | 6’0 170 | QB | Katy

Kroger is a quarterback who is under the radar but the entire state was on notice last week with a terrific performance. The QB was slinging the ball all over the field and flexing his arm strength. Kroger has some good mechanics and one of the nicest deep balls with great touch and accuracy on it. I really love the way this QB controls the offense and is able to really sell it on play-action, since the Tigers have such a well-balanced attack, it makes it easy for Kroger to showcase his skills when his numbers are called.


Katy’s Standout Recruits


Seth Davis (23) RB

Seth has shown time and time again this season great balance and vision as a ball carrier out of the backfield. He has the balance to make the cut in between the tackles and then has the jets to hit holes and be off to the races for the end-zone.


Nic Anderson (22) WR

It was a tough decision between Kroger and Anderson because of the terrific performances that both had in the game. Andersons simply dominated and showed that he is a matchup nightmare and is hard to keep out of the endzone. Loved the big-time catches Andersons was able to come up with in this game.


Isaiah Smtih (22) RB

Not much credit is given to Smith who is a lethal back as well as Davis out of the backfield. The pair make for a two-head monster out of the backfield. Smith shows he knows what to do with the football las he can take it in himself for six points.


Antonio Silva (22) WR

Silva came u0p with some big-time plays. I like the size and athletics of this receiver on the field. He looks like an FBS caliber receiver who can run some clean routes and has the speed to break away from defenders.


Tompkins Standout Recruits


Joshua McMillian II

Joshua flexed his speed in this game with a 108-yard return. He turned on the jets and took it all the way into the endzone. He has been one of receiving for Tompkins this season. McMillian shows he is lethal with the football and in his hands and not many can keep up.




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