Big Game HS Preview: Katy Tigers vs Clear Springs Chargers

August 24, 2022


8:47 pm



One of our big game of the week previews is these two teams right here. Katy has always been a powerhouse football team that has great and talented players every year competing at a high level.

This year will be no different. The 2022 Katy tigers look very strong this season on both sides of the football but the same could possibly say about Clear Springs. With starters on both sides of the ball returning for both teams. This matchup will surely be one to watch and keep an eye on this Friday night.  

Will the Clear Springs Chargers be able to fend off that talented and high-powered offensive Katy has? Don’t forget about that tiger defense either. Or can Clear Springs with their talent on swing the momentum in their favor? Find out below the scouting report on both teams and who we picked to win Friday’s matchup at Challenger Stadium. Here’s a look at who we think could be difference makers in the game and who could end up walking away with a victory. ¬†

Clear Springs scouting report

Clear Spring Top Recruits to Watch

QB –¬†Brendan Malloy¬†(23′), ¬†6-1 / 180

WR –¬†Ashton Shumann¬†(23′), ¬†6-3 / 175

OT –¬†Nick Fattig¬†(23′), ¬†6-4 / 275

LB –¬†Michael Sylvalie¬†(24′), ¬†6-3 / 195

OT –¬†Blake Ivy¬†(24′), ¬†6-3 / 275

S –¬†Zach Parish¬†(23′), ¬†5-10 / 155

DL –¬†Serigne Tounkara¬†(23′), ¬†6-3 / 240

FS,CB –¬†Gavin Collins¬†(23′), ¬†5-9 / 150

The Clear Springs Chargers offense has quick strike capability with senior quarterback¬†Brendan Malloy¬†(23′), leading the way on offense. Malloy can hit receivers deep down the field with a bunch of time bought due to a talented offensive line and receiving core. Malloy has plenty of offensive weapons to give a hard-nosed Tiger defensive secondary a run for their money.¬†

Last season Clear Springs went 4-2 in district play and 7-5 overall. They lost to Katy last season with a score of  40-7. Should the chargers be holding a grudge? They face a tough opponent in Katy but they have playmakers on both sides of the ball the season on offense and defense. Defensively the secondary looks to have a few who can come up with some big plays from what they showed this preseason. 

Katy Tigers scouting report

Katy Top Recruits to Watch

CB – Torik Aigbedion¬†(23′), ¬†6′ / 170

S – Arian Parish ¬†(23′), ¬†5-11′ / 170

DB – Jonathan Hall¬†(23′), ¬†6-2 / 205

QB – Caleb Koger¬†¬†(23′), ¬†6-2 / 170

RB – Dallas Glass¬†(23′), ¬†5-7 / 155

RB – Seth Davis ¬†(23′), ¬†5-7 / 175

LB,DB ¬†– Damian Neveaux ¬†(23′), ¬†5-10 / 185

OL – Nick Cravaritis ¬†(23′), ¬†6-6 / 285

OL – Isaiah Naitoko Ybarra¬†(23′), ¬†6-4 / 275

TE – Luke Carter ¬†(24′), ¬†6-3 / 235

The Katy offense features a two-headed beast of a running back crew out of the backfield with the two mentioned above in Davis, and Glass, who can both make defenses pay with quick trips for six points to the end-zone anytime they touch the football. With Katy’s almost seemingly perfect mix of pass versus the run-on offense. This scheme really opens things up for the play action and for receivers to get open for senior Caleb Koger¬†¬†(23′), who can really drop some dimes to open receivers and has no shortage of targets.

The defense for Katy is strong with a talented defensive secondary and some talented player makers on the field. With some breakout players sure to come for the Tigers this season; one player to keep an eye on who could be an impact on defense is a hybrid linebacker and defensive back Damian Neveaux ¬†(23′). Katy might prove to be too high-powered for many teams in all phases of the game. Last season the tigers were 14-1 overall and had a perfect 6-0 record in district play.¬†

Who Wins the Game ?

Katy Tiger's

With star talent all over the field and the track record of Katy’s wins versus losses, it is hard not to label ¬†Clear Springs as the underdog coming into this matchup. They will have a tough time stopping a ground and pound plus ariel attack that the Katy Tigers have. Score? 45-10 Katy.¬†

(Photo credit: Katy High School Football, Twitter) 

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