A Note from our Ceo/Founders

March 2, 2022


3:25 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo


In effort to keep & protect the integrity of our journalism and the athletes we cover; TDRecruits, our news & media agency, will separate from our new sisters company and will effectively end our Recruiting/Scouting services business segment of the company with the NCAA effective immediately.

Our new sister company, powered and operated by our parent company & founding team. Will be a professional service sports marketing & brand management company focused on helping athletes with NIL.

More information to come in the following days on how we plan to help student-athletes navigate the new NIL policy that has been set been set forth and handle any on going changes.

We are excited for what the future holds and we appreciate all of you who are fans and support our efforts of helping students athletes give all deserving a platform to showcase their talents.

Ceo Emmanuel Charles-Lobo, & founding team,

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