2025 Running back Rankings

March 9, 2022


11:42 am



Today we present to you the top running backs in the class of 2025 here in Texas. Some of these recruits can easily be some of the best in the country. Lets dive right into who are some of the best running backs to know in the class of 2025.


#10.Kane Bowen (25) | 6’1, 190 | RB | Sherman

Kane could have a breakout year this season, of the biggest backs in his class. Bowen has a few aspects of his game he could improve, speed could get better and once it does, I think he could be a matchup nightmare for most teams and be an FBS caliber prospect many are after.

#9.Dejuan Dugar (25) | 6′, 190  | RB | Rouse

Dejuan is a one-cut back and downhill runner who has the strength and speed to plow over defenders. Shows excellent balance and has the size, skills, and talent to be a top running back in his class. One of the best runners in between the tackles in the trenches who can break tackles, and then be off with the football putting up six points in the endzone. Will be special next season and one whose recruiting could explode and be a running back who could play anywhere in the country.

#8.Kamran Williams (25) | 5’10,  170 | RB | Jefferson

Kamran has elite lateral speed and the ability to cut back ad run the opposite direction on the field leaving defenders picking p their cleats on the ground. This guy can break some ankles and shows vision running in between the tackles, keeps shoulders square to LOS, maintain a low balance, can make a few cuts, and be off to the races. An FBS caliber prospect who could raise his recruiting stock in the near future and take off.

#7.D’Andre Hardeman Jr. (25) | 5’8, 180 | RB | North Shore

Hardeman could be one of the next best runningbacks out of north shore. Last season he showed some acceleration and burst of blazing speed of the backfield. He can break runs off to the outside and take the football up the sideline or run it up the gut and in between the tackles. One running back recruit who once gets past the second level of defenders will be off to and into the endzone in a blink of an eye.

#6.Jayden Jackson (25) | 5’9, 185  | RB | Franklin

Jayden is a long stride runner who has the speed and juice to burn everyone into the endzone and often goes in untouched. Very fast running back who runs with a downhill type of nature that can plow over defenders. FBS caliber prospect with next-level skills and talent already.

#5.Da’shawn Burton (25) | 5’10, 175  | RB | Needville

Burton is a shifty yet powerful runner who can plow over some defenders or put the moves on them in the open field. He has the sped, strength, and balance as a runner to be among the elite running backs in his class. FBS caliber prospect who will be special for one for Needville and at the college level.

#4.Riley Wormley (25) | 5’10, 170 | RB | Colleyville Heritage

Riley had 932 all-purpose yards last season with 10 touchdowns on the year on varsity as a freshman. He can be a threat on offense or special teams with his elite speed and athleticism, Riley has blazing speed and a special ability to take runs to the outside or make moves in the open field and find the endzone at will. He is a threat catching the football out of the backfield and can line up at the slot receiver position and gas defers down the field, a very versatile player with great athleticism who will be special for Colleyville Heritage for years to come. Holds one offer to the Oklahoma Sooners.

#3.Cornelius Warren (25) | 5’10, 170 | RB | North Crowley

Warren has Olympic sprinter speed, very fast and explosive out of the backfield. Fluid as a catcher out of the backfield, a good dual-threat running back catching and running the ball out of the backfield. Warren has the open field moves and speed to beat everyone to the endzone and cab be used as a threat on special teams as well. Look for this prospect to be highly ranked and recruited. Holds offer’s to Texas Tech and the University of Utah.

#2.Rickey Stewart (25) | 5’10, 180 | RB | Chapel Hill

Ricky is a bulldozing running back that can plow defenders over and has the strength to drag the pile or break free of arm tackles. Has the speed and open-field ability to make defenders miss, break some ankles and be off to the races for the endzone. Love the size, build, and speed of this running back. Ricky could easily end up as one of the best running backs in the nation in the 2025 cycle with a long-term ceiling for success. Holds 6 Division I offers to schools like Arkansas, Houston, Louisiana Tech, SMU, Texas Tech, and  UTSA.

#1.Deondrae Riden (25) | 5’10, 170 | RB | DeSoto

Riden is the next running back up for DeSoto, and could easily be one of the best in the nation in the 2025 class. . Riden shows good initial burst and downhill juice; he also flashes some dangerous cutback ability ad will stack multiple cuts on the same play and displays great balance, lateral speed, and core strength as a runner. Holds 7 Division I offers to schools like Oregon, Ole Miss, Louisville, USC, and others.

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