2024 Wide Receiver Re-rankings

July 12, 2022


7:00 pm



We have a lengthy list filled with talent today. We look at who some of the top wide receivers to track in the 2024 class, and they’ll be on a lot of college recruiting boards if they aren’t already. Here are Texas’ top wideouts in the 2024 class.



#20.Trevaun Dixon (24) | 6’4, 185 | WR | Barbers Hill¬†

Dixon is a vertical threat and a mismatch nightmare. With his size and catch radius paired with his speed and agility, Dixon is a home run threat anytime he touches the field. Look for this prospect to be one who could see his recruiting take off this year and could be that is highly ranked.

#19.Khali Best¬†(24) | 5’11, 170 | WR | McKinney

Khali is a receiver with good body control and leaping ability who can be dangerous in run-and-catch situations and win those contested catches. He appears to have a lot of spring when going up aggressively to catch the ball. He adjusts quickly at the point of contact, which is where he meets the ball and adjusts well with excellent body control.

#18.Tre Griffiths¬†(24) | 6’3, 205 | WR | Keller

Tre has the potential to be a home run hitter anytime he steps on the field. He has quick speed and can sprint past corners at breakneck speed, reaching the end zone in a heartbeat. His long arms, big frame, and top-notch speed were all fantastic; route running may enhance, but he shows good awareness and makes those sideline catches

#17.Josiah Herndon¬†(24) | 6’4,185 | WR | Barbers Hill

Josiah is a receiver who, despite being underrated, has a lot of potential. He has some nice bloodlines and played football at the College level; Josihia is frightening vertically and in run-after-catch situations. Quick off the line, shows good burst and acceleration, can get on top of cornerbacks quickly. FBS

#16. Stanley Okpulor (24) | 6’2, 185| WR | Allen¬†

This list would not be complete without having one of Allen’s most talented wide receiver recruits in 6-foot-2, 185lbs Stanley Okpulor. Stanley doesn’t have much film yet. Make no mistake there is a reason why this guy holds two early offers without much playing time. He’s athletically built and gifted, and will be one special player to watch and that could very well be making headlines and scoring touchdowns for Allen this season.

#15. Rickey Evans (24) | 5’9, 170 | WR | South Oak Cliff¬†

In addition to helping his team to a state title, Rickey was instrumental on the field for South Oak Cliff. Rickey is a long stride runner who runs good clean routes and can get over the top of corners in a hurry. Don’t take your eyes off the field during offensive play for South Oak Cliff, or when you see Rickey on the field. Might end up in the endzone for six points. Holds two offers: Kansas, & Ole Miss.

#14.Fatu Mukuba¬†(24) | 5’11 ,170 | WR | LBJ

Fatu is a raw receiver with excellent speed, hands, and the ability to score. He’s a receiver who can also play defensive back. Route running knowledge, and quickness may be improved. He currently has three Division I offers on the table.

#13.Bryant Wesco¬†(24) | 6’2, 170 | WR | Midlothian

Bryant is a solid route runner who sells his fakes and creates openings for himself. He flashed considerable speed and showed the ability to be a threat in catch-and-run situations, which is very springy and can win those contested balls between double coverage or in the end zone. Holds three early offers from Oklahoma, TCU, and Texas Tech.

#12.Kennedy Brantley¬†(24) | 6’4, 190 | WR | Melissa

He has four Division I offers from Colorado, Michigan State, North Texas, and Ole Miss. He’s a tall 6’4″ and nearly 200 pounds. He can catch in traffic and looks quick on his feet; his route running could use some work. You can’t overlook this big outside receiver when he’s available.

#11. Dozie Ezukanma (24)| 6’2, 170 | WR | Timber Creek¬†

Dozie’s recruitment is quickly on the rise and the 6-foot-2, 170lbs receiver is turning heads and catching the attention of members of the media as well as coaches at the next level. Brother player wide out for Texas Tech; Tech also being one of the first to offer to add to Ezukanma’s total scholarship offers (5). Look For him to be a threat on the gridiron this season by consistently coming up with big plays for Timber Creek.

Top 10

#10.TaMarcus Gray¬†(24) | 6’3, 160 | WR | Texas High

TaMarcus is an elite receiver with dangerous speed, route-running ability, and the ability to stop on a dime and cut the field up. He shows amazing hands, awareness of the field, and vertical ability to catch the football at the apex. He’s up next to be in the conversation among the elites.

#9.Andre Thompson¬†(24) | 5’8″ , 150 | WR | Episcopal

Andre is an athlete with below-average height, but with the elite speed and the ability t be an endzone threat anytime he touches the field, I see him also being great on special teams, or as a slot receiver who can stretch the field vertically. Holds several offers to schools like Texas A&M, Miami, and Ole Miss as well as others.

#8.Parker Livingstone (24) | 6’4″ , 190 | WR | Lovejoy

This receiver deserves to be at the top of the charts; his size, route running and speed make him a matchup nightmare for most. He creates good separation for himself with a good route acumen, is a good hands catcher, and is dangerous vertically because of his speed. An FBS recruit who could see immediate success at the next level.

#7.Elijah Baesa¬†(24) | 6’1, 170 | WR | North Mesquite

Elijah is a dangerous athlete with the football in his hands who can contribute on both the special teams and offensive sides of the ball. He has a tall, long athletic frame with long arms, and he’s one of the fastest players around. Shows good acceleration, can improve his route running skills, and has the ability to cut back on routes quickly. Can stretch the field vertically

#6.Freddie Dubose¬†(24) | 6’1 170 | WR | Smithson Valley

The other major position on the depth chart is a slot receiver, which features a deep group of prospects with plenty of speed. “Speed kills,” as they say, and Freddie has plenty of it; he’s a powerful-looking receiver on the field who can win those combative catches and make scoring appear effortless. He also excels in the vertical game and can take the top off of a defense.

#5.Xavier Filsaime¬†(24) | 5’11”, 170 | WR | McKinney

Xavier Filsaime is a deadly receiver with the football in his hands and I in his routes, showing great awareness of the sidelines and creating a lot of space for himself on his routes. Speed is exceptional, as few others can keep up with him. He has the ability to make an immediate impact at the next level by increasing his sudden

#4.Zion Kearney¬†(24) | 6’3,190 | WR | Hightower

Zion is a great route runner with excellent height, and length, and gets off the line quickly; he has good field awareness and can make those tip-toe catches in the end zone dangerous. He is a mismatch for most DBs because of his springy nature and ability to go up and get it in traffic.

#3.Jelani Watkins¬†(24) | 5’9″, 160 | WR | Klein Forest

Jelani is one of the quickest receivers on this list, with Olympic sprinter speed and the ability to fly down the field. Gets off the line quickly and gets past corners at once, allowing him to extend his vertical range. Liked his route running, demonstrated that he could stop on a dime and keep working the field to get open,

#2.Micah Hudson¬†(24) | 6’0″, 190 | WR | Lake Belton

Micah is an apex receiver and vertical threat, as he can go up and catch the football at its highest point defenders plucking it out of the air; he also has soft hands and excellent field awareness. From schools like Ohio State, Oregon, Texas, Texas A&M, and others to come.

#1. Jamyri Cauley¬†(24) | 6’2, 200 | WR | South Oak Cliff

Cauley is one of the most talented and terrifying mismatches in his class. His size, long arms, and skill are frequently a mismatch for most defenders. He’s quick on the perimeter, and dangerous in the catch-and-run because to his physical play, speed, strength, and size. He currently holds 25 Division I scholarship offers to schools like Georgia, LSU, Penn State, Texas, USC, and others.


As you can see, there is a lot of talent in the 2024 class in Texas. These are just a few of the receivers that you should be keeping your eye on this season. Be sure to stay tuned for more re-rankings as we continue to evaluate and rank the top recruits in Texas High School football. Thank you for reading!

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