2024 Offensive linemen Rankings

February 16, 2022


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We have for you today some of the big boys in the trenches that are at the top of the charts. We take a look at some of the best offensive linemen recruits in the 2024 class here in Texas. Enjoy! ( if we missed anyone, let us know in the comments below)


#17.JT Thomas (24) | 6-1 / 265 IOL | Manor

If we are talking about the center position JT’s name must be mentioned. A bit undersized as a lineman, but has a long wingspan and can move the pile well. Shows a good drive and can knock defenders off the ball.

#16.Frank Moss (24) | 6’1, 325 | IOL | Heights

Frank is a very raw and talented offensive lineman, also has a bit of a mean streak in him. Keeps driving in till defenders are on the ground are yards away from the ball carrier. I like this guy in the interior of the offensive line, can open up a lot of holes. Should he continue to grow, don’t see why he won’t end up being a highly-rated prospect with multiple offers.

#15.Ralee Jackson (24) | 6-2 / 250 IOL | Plano East

Ralee is an offensive lineman recruit to keep your eye on. He shows some physicality in his blocks, the technique needs work and is average size for an interior OL. If he adds some more mass and size to his frame, cleans up the technique a bit, he could be a prospect who rises the charts.

#14.Jaden Rowe (24) | 6-3 / 280 IOL | South Oak Cliff

Jaden Rowe is a very raw and talented offensive lineman. I like him best in the interior of the line at either guard or center. He’s got some long arms and shows a powerful drive-off at the snap of the ball. FBS prospects who project to be a strong interior linemen recruit

#13.Jordan Rowe (24) | 6-3 / 265 IOL | “South Oak Cliff

The Rowe brother dominates in the trenches for South Oak Cliff. Jordan is about as wide as a bus, has a solid base, and blocks in pass pro and run blocking. Punch and technique can improve, however, this guy is an FBS caliber prospect without an about.

#12.Cash Cleveland (24) | 6-3 / 300 | IOL | Rockwall-Heath

Cash is a center that can move the pile. Maintains a low base and can drive defenders off the LOS. Has 1 offer from Georgia Tech, that number should raise significantly by this time next year.

#11.Adrian Oratokhai (24) | 6-3 / 260 OT | Lake Travis

Adrian has the size and physical capabilities as an elite interior offensive lineman. One who can move well and quick out the edge. Shows he can be very physical at the point of contact and put some defenders in the dirt. Like this prospect, he is one we think could develop into a highly rated recruit.

#10.Jude Edwards (24) | 6-3 / 280 IOL | Clear Falls
Jude may very well be one of the nastiest blockers on this list, he’s got a mean streak in him and can put defenders in the dirt on every drive. Possesses a stout, solid frame and base, uses it well to drive defenders off the ball or into the ground. FBS caliber athlete with a high ceiling for success.

#9.Makai Saina (24) | 6-4 / 275 OT | Martin

Makai has great size and is very physical at the LOS, shows a good drive, and footwork in pass protection. Will develop at Martin into a recruit who could end up on a lot of recruiting boards and be a highly rated prospect. His size, physical play, and skills will only continue to get better.

#8.Holton Hendrix (24) | 6-4 / 250 OT | Lubbock-Cooper

Holds one early offer from Texas Tech, Holton is a very nasty run blocker, one who doesn’t stop driving in till the end of the play or in till he is standing over his defender. Looks athletic and light enough on his feet to block well at the second level and or pull around to kick out the edge. FBS prospect who will undoubtedly end up on a lot of recruiting boards soon.

#7.Willie Goodacre (24) | 6-4 / 280 IOL | Guyer

You could line up your best against Goodacre and he can shut them down; been able to see this guy in person multiple times and came away impressed every time with his size, height, tequince, and physicality. Goodacre has long arms, is very thick, athletic build, and is excellent against the run or pass; can clean up a few things technique-wise and work on finishing on plays, other than that, Goodacre will be a special recruit for Guyer and an anchor on that offensive line.

#6.Ray’Quan Bell (24) | 6-5 / 290 OT | Westfield

Ray’Quan holds 5 DI offer already to Baylor, Colorado State, Houston, UNT, and UTSA. He is a true left tackle, a blindside blocker who shows elite pass protection skills. Has a bit of a mean streak, features long arms and a big frame, will be one of the top offensive tackles in his class, needs to finish more on run plays, and focus on putting defenders in the dirt more often. FBS prospect with all the intangibles and skills to become great.

#5.Andrew Cunningham (24) | 6-3 / 265 IOL | Southlake Carroll

Andrew has an athletic, stout frame, with a lengthy wingspan, looks light on his feet, and is one who is mobile enough with the strength to flatten defenders as he pulls around the edge or up the middle; this guy can make some holes buses could fit through;is very heavy-handed delivering some devasting punches both in the run and passing game. Footwork is excellent, and think Cunningham will be one of the best interior offensive linemen in his class.

#4.Gipson Pyle (24) | 6’4, 270 | OT | Klein Cain

Gibson is an excellent run blocker with a mean streak in him that allows him to bulldozer over defenders in the run game. Has great height and size, once he engages with a defender they most likely are going down; he is a blocking-punisher by nature and keeps driving in-till the whistle is blown or in-till the defender is on the ground. Great athlete who will be special at the next level and be at the top of his class for years to come. Holds a couple of early offers to Arkansas State and USC.

#3.Koltin Sieracki (24) | 6’4, 295 IOL | The Woodlands

You’re going to have to pay this guy for a ride because he can drive defenders all the way downfield. Very physical offensive linemen,–one who looks athletic enough to block out in space at the next level and demolish defenders. If Koltin can add some more lean mass to his body, he will be an even more dominant interior OL next season for The Woodlands. Is one of the top offensive linemen in his class who blocks well against the run and pass. Will be special for years to come and at the next level. Holds offer to Arkansas, Baylor, SMU, TCU, and Texas Tech.

#2. Nate Kibble (24) | 6’3, 280 | OL | Atascocita

Nate is one who will soon have easily over 20-30 Division I offers and be a highly ranked/stared player. Holds offers to Houston, Memphis, Texas, and UTSA. Nate is battled tested against elite competition, he moves very well for his size, is light on his feet, and can pull around and kick out the edge or block defenders at the next level and steamroll them. Shows an excellent pass pro, a heavy-handed punch that can flatten defenders. Will be special at the next level and possibly beyond.

#1.Ashton Funk (24) | 6’6 290 | OT | Tompkins

Ashton is one of the best linemen in his class period. He has next-level size and skills already for being so young. He is very heavy-handed and athletic, can move and fly down the field to flatten defenders, and can rack up multiple pancakes per game. Pass protection and run technique will only continue to get better. This is one guy who will end up with up to 30 DI offers or more and be highly rated and recruited by the end of his high school career. Looks to have a bright future at the next level and projects to be a Sunday type of player with early draft potential.

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