2024 Linebacker Rankings

February 24, 2022


7:00 pm



Today we are closing out the week with some of the best defenders to know in the 2024 class. Today is the top linebackers from around the state who will undoubtedly be making headlines and be among some of the nation’s best talent there is. Here they are the top 2024 linebackers in Texas. (p.s if we missed anyone, or if you think someone should be on this list, let us know in the comments below.)


#19.Jonah Bowman (24) | 6’2, 225  | LB | Rock Hill

Jonah is one with the intangibles who is a raw player at the moment shows flashes of being a recruit to keep your eye on, who given time to clean up his game, technique, add more mass to his frame, and be a more dominant open-field tackler than he could easily raise his stock.

#18.Michael Sylvalie (24) | 6’3, 195 | LB | Clear Springs

Michale has great height and size relative to the position and is very athletic. Speaking with his trainer, because not much film is out yet on Sylvalie, he looks like he flashes speed and physicality of the edge, plays well in space but can improve on a few aspects of his game like being more physical at the point of attack.

#17.Jeffrey Sekula (24) | 6’1, 200 | LB | Plano

Jeffery is a very raw player with the intangibles and skills to be a special FBS-caliber prospect. Given the ability to clean up techniques and add more mass to his frame, Sekula, can come off the edge and get in the backfield to get in the QBs face or make a play on the ball carrier. Also shows lateral speed and the ability to drop back in coverage.

#16.Kabriel Anderson-Dale (24) | 5’10, 187  | LB | Harker Heights

Kabriel is a run-stopping outside linebacker who can cover the entire field with some impressive speed and agility. Shows great technique, can sniff out plays quickly, and can be a problem for offenses because he can make his way into the backfield for some TFLs. With some more development, this linebacker could be one top recruit to know who is a hard-nosed tackler and can lay the lumber.

#15.Devin Green (24) | 5’10, 190 | OLB, MLB | Timber Creek

Green is a recruit to keep your eye on. He is a great open-field tackler and can make his way easily past blockers and into the backfield. I think he is strongest at the middle linebacker position where he can fill up gaps and stop long gains from ever happening and rack up a bunch of tackles per game. Solid FBS caliber prospect with two great years of tape thus far.

#14.Braxton Jones (24) | 6’2, 235 | LB | Nacogdoches

Braxton has some great sie and pursuit to the ball carrier. Can make some big-time hits on the ball carrier and fly into the backfield for TFL’s. UTSA was the first to offer, with more tape, he could raise his recruiting stock.

#13.Greg London (24) | 6′, 185 | LB | Liberty-Eylau

Greg is a beast of the edge and can get after the QB or drop back into coverage. Rushes off the edge well and looks to be a promising outside linebacker recruit to know. One who needs more time to add to his frame and game; holds one early offer from Arkansas State.

#12.Tyler Cooks (24) | 6′, 200 | LB | Manvel

Cooks holds one early offer to Georgia Tech and we have a feeling by this time next year with more tape, the number of scholarship offers should rise significantly. Cooks is a run-stopping middle linebacker, who can sniff plays out, shows good lateral speed, and pursuit covering the field sideline to sideline. A prospect to keep your eyes on. FBS caliber athlete who is given the ability to clean up technique and bulk up more will only benefit his stock.

#11.CJ Miller (24) | 5’11,  200 | LB | Anna

Miller looks like he could mold into a dominant middle linebacker who is very athletic, can read plays, and cover the entire field. Shows good technique making plays on the ball. Last season was a tackling machine totaling 131 tackles, 69 solo, 1 fumble recovery, 4 QB hurries, and 2 sacks. Who has he drawn interest from? Schools like Arkansas, Baylor, Florida State, Nebraska, and others.

#10.Dillon Dixon (24) | 6’1, 215 | LB | North Shore

Dillon could very well develop into one of the top middle linebackers in his class for North Shore. He’s got a lengthy,– athletically-built frame with long arms and looks like an intimidating force on the field. Has the speed to track down any ball carrier and shows excellent open-field tackling ability. Coming downhill, this guy can light up some people. FBS prospects with a doubt who has a high ceiling for success at the next level and could be a leader on that defense for any respective program.

#9.Kaleb Blanton (24) | 6’1,  205 | LB | Manvel

Kaleb has the next-level size already and can come flying downhill and light opponents. Big-time hitter, an excellent form tackler, reads plays well, has the size and speed to make plays all over the field. One who can live in the opponent’s backfield and cover sideline-to-sideline.

#8.Kai Rigdon (24) | 6’2, 225 | LB | Ferris

Kai is an athlete who can be used both ways on offense and play multiple positions on both sides of the ball. Shows he can come off the edge and wreak havoc in backfields for Ferris. One who can stand up and cover against the pass or shut down the run. Arizona, Jackson State, Northern Arizona, and others have offered.

#7.Kyland Reed (24) | 6’1, 190 | LB | Mansfield Summit

They say speed kills. Reed’s got plenty of it. His speed of the edge, paired with his long lengthy frame and arms, make him a hard defend for most to block. Reed could be considered a lethal edge rusher who shows some dangerous hand moves, sometimes never even letting blockers get a hand on him. Shows the athleticism to stand up or put his hand in the ground. An FBS caliber athlete who deserves all of the stars and offers.

#6.Dakyus Brinkley (24) | 6’3, 220 | LB | Seven Lakes

Brinkley is an elite outside linebacker who should be nationally ranked and among the best in his class. He has a lengthy, athletic frame with long arms and a solid build. He can come flying off the edge and can beat blockers with his speed, swim or hand moves, and or drop back in coverage and shut down receivers. Shows the athleticism to trail receivers, get his head around and make a play on the football. FBS caliber prospect who will be special at the next level as he continues to develop and add more mass to an already impressive frame.

#5.Ty’Anthony Smith (24) | 6’1, 185 | LB | Jasper

Anthony is the next prospect up, an elite linebacker who will be on a lot of recruiting boards. This is a special player with great size, a lean build, who can cover the middle of the field or come off the edge and get after the QB or make a TFL. FBS caliber prospect with one offer to Texas Tech, but till end up with 20-30 offers plus and be ranked as one of the tops in his class. Huge potential for success at the next level and possibly beyond.

#4.Brandon Booker (24) | 6’1, 185 | MLB, OLB | DeSoto

Booker is a well-balanced linebacker who can shut down the run or make a play on the ball if the ball is passed his way. He is one who makes the big-time plays in the backfield for losses look routine, features a long athletic frame with long arms, and is an excellent open-field tackler. One who will be special for DeSoto for years to come and at the next level. Holds offer to Baylor, LSU, Texas Tech, and Toledo.

#3.Brandon Jones (24) | 6’1, 190 | MLB | South Oak Cliff

Jones deserves all the stars, awards, and the highest of rankings. He’s got excellent size, a lean athletic frame with long arms, a very rangy player that can cover sideline to sideline, and be a leader on defense at that middle linebacker position for South Oak Cliff. Very physical at the point of the attack and can explode into the backfield and kick out quarterbacks in the blink of an eye flashing impressive speed and agility. Will be one special player for years to come and possesses the intakes and skills to be amongst the elite. Holds offer to Arizona State, Louisville, and SMU

#2.Colin Simmons (24) | 6’3, 210 | OLB, Edge | Duncanville

Collin has the size and athletics to be one of the best linebackers or edge rushers in the nation. He has a terrific explosion of the ball and can beat blockers with his speed or strength. Also shows a high motor in pursuit of the ball. One who could be used off the edge or to cover out in space. Holds 19 Division I offers from schools like Michigan State, SMU, TCU, Texas & Texas A&M to name a few.

#1.Payton Pierce (24) | 6’1, 225 | LB | Lovejoy

Payton has a next-level size and talent already. A versatile player, who can play all over the field, middle linebacker, outside linebacker, edge, and they even line him up in wildcat formation on offense. His strength and athleticism is elite and a mismatch on both sides of the ball. Big-time hitter, with a high motor, excellent pursuit, and knack for finding his way to the QB or racking up TFLs. The future looks bright, will bring immediate value to any program, and possess NFL draft day potential. Holds 12 division I offers to schools like Baylor, Oklahoma State, SMU, Texas, and others.

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