2023 WR Hidden Gems to know this fall

May 10, 2022


4:45 pm



Today was taking a look at an exclusive look at some of the very best hidden gem 2023 wide receivers to know in the state of Texas. This wide receiver group can make the big highlight plays look routine and will be some names you hear more this season.


Bryan Domino (23), WR, Fort Bend Christian Academy

Bryan is lethal with the football in his hands. He shows some ankle-breaking open-field moves ability with excellent route running ability to cut the turf up and has the elite speed to take the football all the way to the house. Often creating 5-10 yards of separation between himself and defenders. FBS caliber prospect who is a serious hidden gem that could take off this fall.

Michael Lewis (23), WR, Clear Brook

Michael can rack up yards after the catch with his soft hands and elite speed and agility. Michael can take a play that looks like it will be a 10-yard gain into six points. Average frame and height at 5’10, 175 lbs, however, his long arms and being a long stride runner help Michael elevate his game above others.

Carter Holmes (23), WR, Kelly Catholic

We chose carter to make this list because of his physical ability and play. Carter is very physical in his routes and can block well out on the edge. Terrific route runner with a big athletic frame, and long arms and uses his speed paired with everything else to make a great target to the quarterback. FBS caliber prospect with a few minor improvements needed in his skillset.

Jalen Baldwin(23), WR, Dobie

Baldwin is a dangerous athlete with the football in his hands. Shows he has that seem busting speed; could also be a threat on special teams as well. Jalen shows an elite ability to make defenders miss in the open field, and is a very versatile player who can be used as a weapon in many forms on offense.

Braylon Gardoni (23), WR, Fort Bend Christian Academy

Braylon sells his route head fakes well, looks light on his feet, and is very fast of the LOS. He has that seem-busting speed but also paired with an elite ability to stop on a dime and show some soft hands coming up with difficult catches with excellent body control. Amazing the plays this guy can make on the field.

Ashton Shumann (23), WR, Clear Springs

At 6’3, 175 lbs, Shumann has a big athletic frame with long arms and is very fast and light on his feet for a guy his size. The way you can tell is his ability to bust the seam wide open being a vertical threat and also being a threat on special teams anytime the football is in his hands.

Jackson Levander(23), WR, Lovejoy

Although committed to SMU, Levander only has 9 DI offers which are strange for a receiver of his caliber. Jackson is proven to be dangerous with the football in his hands; last season put up some impressive numbers with 78 receptions, just over 1,1100 receiving yards, and 15 touchdowns.

Keaton Kubecka (23),WR, Westlake

Keaton is a mismatch nightmare on the field who can cut the field up and is lethal in his routes. He is a versatile player who can play inside and or outside receiver and dominate. Shows excellent field awareness and can make the big plays look routine. Definitely, a hidden gem prospect whose recruitment stock could skyrocket this year.

Aj Jayroe(23) WR,Reedy

Aj shows an amazing ability to high point the football. At 6’4 he is an easy target for any quarterback. Shows he can be a possession receiver who shows great field awareness. Aj has an elite ability to be a red zone threat and come up with the six points anytime they line him up on the outside. FBS caliber prospect with adequate speed and route-running ability whose recruitment has taken off this year and will continue into his senior campaign.

Kaleb Black(23), WR, Klein Oak

Kaleb is an elite athlete who was dangerous with the football in his hands last season for Klein oak. Kaleb has lethal speed, is quick of LOS, and can gas defenders down the field and into the endzone. His recruitment stock has taken off this year after an impressive junior season and has seen his total offers sore to a total of 15. The senior season should be one for the books for Black who could see an even bigger rise among rankings and recruiting boards.

Ernerst Thomas(23) WR, Ernest Thomas

Ernest is quick-footed off the LOS and shows bursts of speed and acceleration at times and is a possession receiver with soft hands paired with adequate size, and a lengthy frame.

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