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December 28, 2022


10:32 am



The numbers never lie, and the people have spoken. In 2023 we will be focusing on bringing you our best content that have drawn readers to our website the most over the past couple of years.

What will we will be focusing on exactly? Texas high School football recruiting, and scouting of the best High School football players regardless of stars, or rankings. If  they fit our mold of the caliber player we are looking to cover here: FBS to FCS, division I caliber recruits, then we will find them, and let our readers know who they’re favorite school or recruit could be or is currently being recruited by.


 Areas of Coverage:

  1. Rankings
  2. The latest Recruits Commitments and Decommitments
  3. tdrecruits Champions Corner: this weeks must reads.


We will be covering the top and most elite recruits in the class of 2024, 2025, and 2026 players here in Texas High School football. With out focus on Division I caliber recruits you can find your teams or favorite player and who they are  or could being recruited by.


Decommits & Commitments

We will be bringing you the latest and most update stories of the lates commitments and recommitments from the top recruits in the state of Texas. Find out here the story here with exclusive quotes directly from athletes, and interviews. Plus the backstory and timeline that had up to their commitment or decommitment.


tdrecruits Champions Corner: this weeks must reads.

Our new Champions Corner will be replacing our “editors picks” with some of the most exclusive scouting and recruiting content of some of the most elite and talented recruits to know. Some players that other websites may or may not be talking about. Find out here about the best seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen recruits are in the state of Texas


Also Featured:

  1. High School Team & Player Profile Cards
  2. Select Player Profile Cards
  3. Rankings List of the top : 2024, 2025, and 2026 recruits in the state of Texas.


Our mission and goal is to evaluate e and scout all of the players in every Texas High School football team and cover any hidden gems because we strongly believe in no stones unturned. With out team and individual player cards anyone can find the top and most elite division I recruits from some of the best High Schools in the nation in addition to Texas.

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