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July 7, 2022


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07Tight ends are among the most athletic positions in football, and they can run routes, catch passes, score points on the scoreboard, and pancake defenders on the ground. We’re talking about some of the most athletically gifted playing spots in football—tight ends. Today we’ve determined which 2023 tight ends are best in Texas and put them in order

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Here are some of the elite tight-end prospects in the 2023 class in Texas, for now.

Top 10

#10.Jordan Green (23) | 6’5 210 | TE | Fort Worth Christian

Green is a significant threat who can catch the ball and run crisp routes to the end zone, where he may tiptoe in for a touchdown. This athlete has the size and power to be a dominant tight end at the next level.

#9.Caden Jensen (23) | 6’6 245 | TE | Flower Mound

Caden has the size, athleticism, and ball skills to project as an FBS-level player with all intangibles. He has the potential to become a major high prospect with a lot of upside. Has seen his recruitment heat up and take off this year with offers coming from most recently the Ragin Cajuns, Air force, Army, and Georgetown.

#8.Hawkins Polley (23) | 6’4 238 | TE | Stratford

His excellent hands and route-running abilities allow him to find space for himself downfield, making spectacular catches seem routine for Polley. Well-rounded tight end who can block and catch effectively; wants to see a little more speed out of him in the future, which we think he can develop into an outstanding tight end the following year

#7.Ty Stamey (23) | 6’5 230 | TE | Klein Collins

Based on his long frame, and athletic ability to be a great receiver or tight end and still block, Ty is an FBS-level athlete. His frame was appealing on film; his long arms; and his capacity to be a strong hands catcher, for sure. He’s unquestionably an FBS-level athlete who has seen his recruitment take off this year with 16 total scholarship offers.

#6.Saimone Davis (23) | 6’4 235 | TE | Nolan Catholic

In terms of frame, Pickens outshines him in every way. His athletic build is seen throughout the field, as he can block, run excellent routes, and make the big catches look easy for six points. His ability to kick out defenders and be a great blocker coupled with his potential to be an excellent receiving tight end makes him almost seem

#5.Tripp Riordan (23) | 6’5 245 | TE | Wakeland

Tripp is one of the most next-level ready tight ends in the state, where he can come in and produce quickly. He has the size, hands, route-running skill, and ability to put people on their backsides that doesn’t stop till the whistle blows. He’s a great star with a bright future who is committed to SMU, and will also special player to watch this season.

#4.Jaden Platt (23) | 6’4 235 | TE | Eaton

Jaden has the elite straight-line speed for a big guy, and once you see him play, you’ll be shocked. In catch-and-run situations, he can make a few shifts and be gone in a hurry, blocking is the next level. He currently holds 18 Division I scholarships and is committed to Stanford.

#3. Chico Holt (23)| 6’5, 220 | TE | Strake Jesuit

Northwestern commit is one of the top tight end prospects in his class. When it comes to route running and blocking. Holt can do it all. Will be a special talent on the field this season and at the next level.

#2.Lafayette Kaiuway (23) | 6’5 215 | TE/WR | Sam Houston

Lafayette is another tall and lengthy tight-end prospect with an impressive wingspan. He uses his length well to go up and high point the ball over defenders. He also has deceptive speed for his size, which makes him tough to defend in the open. This tight-end athlete is a real threat to opposing defenses as a receiving tight end. He can slip by defenders, outrun linebackers, and has excellent size and soft hands to complement him will be a dominant force, one that may move himself up many rankings and recruiting boards throughout the season. Committed to the TCU horned frogs.

#1.Reid Mikeska (23) | 6’6 230 | TE | Bridgeland

Reid Mikeska is one of the best on the field, and he is NO. 1 for many reasons on this list; he has all the skills, size and intagables at the tight end position. Anytime Reid touches the field, he is a vertical threat who can gas people downfield and get into the endzone. Is a mean blocker that may go all the way in until the whistle blows or till the defender is on the ground. Will be an immediate success at the next level playing for the U (Miami) and have a great impact on the field for Bridgeland this season.



Chance Hollins (23) | 6’3 215 | TE | Heights

Hollins is more of a blocking tight end who has the potential to add more lean mass to his build and improve his route running. He blocks effectively and has the requisite size and athletic ability, but he just needs a few small adjustments in order to succeed.

Alijah Jones (23) | 6’2 190 | TE | Hightower

Although he may be one of the smallest on our top tight ends list, he might be the quickest, and don’t let his stature fool you; he has the ability to plow over defenders and block them as well as take them for a ride downfield. One young player who could be a physical force or play wide receiver at the next level.


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