2023 Tight End Rankings

January 20, 2022


4:34 pm



They can run routes, catch passes, put up points on the scoreboard and pancake defenders in the dirt. We are talking about some of the most athletically talented positions in football,— tight ends. Today we rank the top 2023 tight ends in the state and have ranked them in order. 

If you think we are missing any players that should be on this list, reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know. We try to bring the most awareness to talented players all across the state regardless of others rankings or stars, we don’t follow the hype. We determine our rankings watching film, collecting stats, offers, and coaches in the profession feedback. More on or formula on how we rank players, later to come.¬†

For now here are some of the best tight end recruits in the 2023 cycle here in the great state of Texas. 

#12. Chance Hollins (23) | 6’3 215 | TE | Heights¬†

Hollins is more of a blocking type of tight end that gives the chance to lean out more and add more lean mass to his frame, and the ability to improve his route running could be a prospect to know about. He blocks very well, has the size, and athletic ability; he just needs a few minor adjustments to his game. 

#11.Alijah Jones (23) | 6’2 190 | TE | Hightower¬†

Jones might be one of the most undersized on the list of our top tight ends, but he most certainly could be the fastest, and don’t let the size fool you, he can plow over defenders and block them and take them for a ride downfield. One prospect, who could either play wideout at the next level or be a physical force.

#10.Caden Jensen (23) | 6’6 245 | TE | Flower Mound¬†

Caden can be used as a fullback blocking out of the backfield or can run routes and flashes impressive speed and hands. He has the intangibles, size, and athletic ability to be a strong FBS caliber prospect and a recruit coaches should keep their eye on. 

#9.Luke Johnson (23) | 6’5 210 | TE/DE | Trinity Christian Academy¬†

Johnson is a very athletic player, who can play both sides of the ball. His athletic ability bares most at tight end, where he can flash of his speed and hands, and blocking ability, perfect for a spread style type of offense looking to add blocking on the edge and or another receiver. 

#8.Jordan Green (23) | 6’5 210 | TE | Fort Worth Christian¬†

Green is a threat-catching the football and can run excellent routes, find the corner of the endzone, and tiptoe his way in for a TD. Love this athlete who could be a strong NO.1 receiver, but has the size and physicality to be a dominant tight end at the next level. 

#7.Ty Stamey (23) | 6’5 230 | TE | Klein Collins¬†

Ty features a lengthy athletics frame, that is paired with his athletic ability to be a dominant receiver or tight end and one that can still also block as well. We liked his frame on film, his long arms, and his ability to be a good hands catcher, definitely, one to keep your eyes on. Without a doubt he is an FBS caliber athlete, given the ability to add more mass to his frame this offseason, could end up raising his stock a bit more. 

#6.Hawkins Polley (23) | 6’4 238 | TE | Stratford¬†

Polley √ģs one of those tight ends that can make some ESPN type of highlight real catches look routine because of his excellent hands and route-running ability that gives him the ability to create space for himself downfield. Well-balanced tight end that can block and catch very well, just would like to see speed kick up a notch, which we think could really make him an elite tight end and one that could also surpass many on this list next season.¬†

#5.Lafayette Kaluway (23) | 6’5 215 | TE/WR | Sam Houston¬†

Lafayette holds 12 division I offers this far from schools like Baylor, TCU, and Texas to name a few. This high end is an athlete on the field that is very versatile and a real threat to opposing defenses being a receiving tight end. He can slip by defenders, outrun linebackers, and has excellent size and soft hands to pair will be a dominant force, one that could move himself a lot of rankings and recruiting boards this season.

#4.Saimone Davis (23) | 6’4 235 | TE | Nolan Catholic ¬†

Davis features a lengthy athletic-looking frame and his athleticism bears out in all departments on the field. Davis can block, run excellent routes and make the big catches look routine as he runs them in for six points. His ability to kick out defenders and be an excellent blocker paired with the ability to be an excellent receiving tight end as well, almost looking like a strong outside NO.1 receiver gives him the ability to be a miss match nightmare for most. 

#3.Reid Mikeska (23) | 6’6 230 | TE | Bridgeland¬†

Reid Mikeska is one of the best in class and can easily be NO.1 on this list; he can do it all, he is a vertical threat, and can gas people downfield and make his way into the endzone. Is a nasty blocker, that can go all the way in till the whistle is blown, or in till the defender is on the ground, whichever comes first. Will be a dominant force next season and in college. 

#2.Tripp Riordan (23) | 6’5 245 | TE | Wakeland¬†

Tripp is one of the most next-level ready tight ends in the state, where he can come in and produce immediately. He has the size, hands, route-running¬†ability¬†and can put people in the dirt,¬†doesn’t¬†stop in till the¬†whistle¬†is blown. He is an elite star who will be a special one to watch over the years to come. Holds 7 Division I offers from schools like Florida State, Indiana, Iowa State Liberty, and as well as others.¬†

#1.Jaden Platt (23) | 6’4 235 | TE | Eaton¬†

Jaden has the breakaway speed for a big man that will wow you when you see him play. He is dangerous in catch-and-run situations, where he can make a few moves and be off for the races, blocking is also next level. Holds 15 Division I offers and is committed to Stanford. 

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