2023 Running back Rankings

January 13, 2022


11:37 am



The class of 2023 running backs here in Texas is loaded with talent, and boy was it hard to put these guys in order.  All of these athletes could be top dogs in any state, but since the talent and competition level is so good here in Texas, its difficult to say wether some of the players towards the bottom of our list could be at the top in others, and still can rise in the future when we update our rankings. 

We seek to update our player rankings at least two to four times out of the year. We look to bring you some of the best players the state has to offer, so lets dive right into it. Here is the top 2023 running backs recruits in the state. 

20. TJ Andrews (23) | 6’1 , 195 |RB |  Taft

With his excellent size and speed, TJ is one powerful running back that is lethal with the football in his hands. Holds 2 Division I offers to UIW and UTSA. 

19. Dejuan Lacy (23) | 5’10,  175  | RB | North Crowley 

Holds 2 division I offers to Toledo and the University of Utah. On 182 carries he had 1135 yards rushing and was first-team all-district. Raw running back with speed and open-field moves. 

18. Jaylen Jenkins (23) | 5’9, 175 | RB | Cedar Hill 

Holds 3 division I offers to Arizona, Marshall, and Toldeo.   

17. Quinten Joyner (23) | 5’10, 190 | RB | Manor 

Joyner is a 4-star athlete with 3 division I offer’s to school’s like Marshall, Rice, and Pitt. Has over 3,100 yards rushing and 36 touchdowns in his two years as a starter with 2,494 of those yards coming last season. 

16. Re’Shaun Sanford (23) | 5’9, 170 | RB | Harker Heights 

ReShaun is lethal with the football in his hands. A well-balanced runner who can pick up some rough and tuff yardage and points. Holds 5 division I offers to schools like ULM, UNT, and SMU. 

15. Carson Green (23) | 5’9, 180 | RB | Reagan 

Missed much of last season due to injury, but don’t sleep, this guy can ball. One of the most explosive, twitchy, shifty backs I have ever seen. Carson has an elite ability to change direction, he also shows a great balance and lateral speed, one of the most underrated out of the central Texas area. 

14. Iverson young (23) | 5’10, 190 | RB | Waxahachie 

Wow, we were really impressed when we saw Iverson’s tape, he could easily be in the top ten, an extremely talented player who can make the big plays look routine. 

13. Ezell Jolly (23) | 6’0, 175 | RB | Ridge Point 

Jolly is easily one of the top running backs out of the Houston area. He has the explosiveness, speed, and patience to be a dangerous runner anytime he touches the football. 

12. Parker Jenkins (23) | 5’10, 185 | RB | Klein Forest 

A well-balanced running back in Jenkins, who has the speed and power to be fluid and violent as a runner. He will stack cuts on the same play and flashes some dangerous cutback ability. 

11. Kyson Brown (23) | 5’11, 190 | RB | Lancaster 

Kyson features a lean, athletic build, he’s a long stride runner and can plow people over. Can turn some negative-looking plays into six points, and also displays good balance and strength running the football. 


10. Owen Allen (23) | 5’10, 190 | RB | Southlake Carroll 

Allen is one of the most under-the-radar types of running backs in the state. It’s like a hat trick, we are just waiting to see multiple offers appear one day for this young man, he has the elite talent to be a dominant player, has the speed, and moves to string moves together at the second level. 

9.Seth Davis (23) | 5’8 , 170 | RB | Katy 

Davis is one of the fastest and athletic runners on this list. A little undersized, but that does not matter if the defense cannot lay a finger on him anytime he touches the football, solid runner that can make cuts, change direction, and has lateral speed. Just picked up some offers from Ole Miss and Florida recently as well as others. 

8. A’Marion Peterson (23) | 6’0, 200 | RB | Hirschi 

Peterson is one of the biggest and fastest running backs on this list who can make big plays happen anytime he touches the football. Look for Peterson to be a dominant force next year, and one who could raise his stock even more. Holds 8 Division I offers. 

7. Cameron Cook (23) | 5’10, 180 | RB | Stoney Point 

Tall and lengthy,athletic-looking back, Cook is another athlete who burst onto the scene this year and made his name well known. He is a versatile player and can be used a number of different ways at slot, running out of wildcat and even on special teams. A phenomenal player with a bright future. 

6. Kedrick Reescano (23) | 6’0, 190 | RB | New Caney 

This is your complete workhorse running-back that can do it all. One you can feed the rock to all game long and that can catch out of the backfield. Holds multiple division I offers to schools like Michigan State, Oklahoma State, SMU, and others. One that regardless of rankings is just as good as any of the top guys fixing to be mentioned. 

5.Sergio Snider (23) | 5’10, 185 | RB | Martin 

Talk about a complete back/athlete, this is your guy right here. 18 other division I schools seem to think so. Combined with his speed, size, and athleticism, Sergio is a beast on the field and it shows all over the field; on special teams and or offense running the ball into end zones effortlessly. 

4.Kalib Hicks (23) | 5’11, 195 | RB | Denton Ryan 

Hicks has the speed, balance, and vision to be one of the best backs in his class. He shows tremendous patience’s waiting for holes to open up, and can get around the edge, and often be untouched on his way into the end-zone. 

3. Marquise Collins (23) | 5’9, 180 | RB | College Station 

Collins burst onto the scene in 2021 and ever since he’s been turning heads and catching the eyes of many. With his blazing speed, all it takes is one hole for Collins to exploit, and then he is off for the races like an Olympic track star. Holds 13 division I offers to schools like USC, Baylor, Texas Tech, and others. 

2.Tre Wisner (23) | 5’11, 180 | RB | Connally 

Tre is an athletically gifted athlete, that can be used all over the field. Has the blazing speed to be a dangerous threat out of the backfield running or catching the ball, can also be lined up as a receiver and make plays. Elite runner, and athlete that can make a house call anytime he touches the ball and no body else can keep up. 

1. Rueben Owens (23) | 5’11,190 | RB | El Campo 

There is no doubt about it,– Owens is one of the— if not the —best running back in the country regardless of class. Rueben had a monster 2021 season, finished with 2,989 yards rushing, 49 total touchdowns on 248 carries, averaging an amazing 12.1 yards per carry. That means every time Owens touched the ball, he delivered. 

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