2023 Offensive Linemen Re-rankings

June 15, 2022


9:30 am



Today, we’re re-ranking the top offensive linemen in the 2023 class in Texas high school football. The list differs from our previous rankings; there are a few new names and players who have improved their standing this summer.

We have watch a lot of film, research and reaching out to coaches to come to this determination. We will explain our rankings methodology that involves good old fashioned football work. (i.e watching film) and now new ai technology. More on this to come.

For now, lets dive right into our most exclusive list.


Top 20


#20.Ben Hartman (23) | 6’5 290 | IOL, OT | Lake Travis

Ben has long arms and a divesting first punch when the ball is snapped. Has the athletic ability to just demolish defenders on screenplays, and he finishes blocks pancaking others more frequently than not.

Previous Rank:#8

#19. Kolt De La Torre (23) | 6’2 285 | OC, IOL | Denton Ryan

Kolt is a tremendous center in his class who can move the pile and bury defenders. In the run game, he stays driving and can be effective at combining blocks and knocking players off the ball at the second level of defenders. He’s receiving four division I scholarships including from the Houston University and Texas Tech.

Previous Rank:#19

#18. Daniel Sill (23) | 6’5 260 | OT, DL | A&M Consolidated

Daniel is a dominant left tackle with terrific strength to drive defenders off the ball and uses his athletic ability and power to pull around and push out defenders. FBS prospect with excellent size and physical capacity.

Previous Rank:#10

#17. John Taplett (23) | 6’5 275 | OT, OG | Southwest Christian

John has great athletic ability. He also had excellent raw physicality and a willingness to lay people out like a freight train. In his play, he shows a nasty streak, can block well in space, and demonstrates top form. Until the whistle blows, he maintains a low position with driving feet and a solid base.

Previous Rank:#16

#16. LaJuan Owens (23) | 6’4 315 | OT,DT | Fossil Ridge

LaJuan is a big fellow that once he locks onto a defende the battles is lost for them and they are going to go down. LaJuan features big lengthy, stout frame and also has speed to terrize . Shows great upper body strength and can throw defenders around like rag dolls. Could lean out and add more lean mass to his frame which would raise his stock a bit more.

Previous Rank:#17

#15. Wes Tucker (23) | 6’5 250 | OT | Argyle

Wes is a big, athletic-looking offensive lineman with the potential to wash down defenders on the line and/or deliver a powerful punch. He’ll be a dominant, ready-to-use next-level recruit who may contribute early in his career if he gains more size to his frame. Baylor Bears is where he’s committed.

Previous Rank:#18

#14. Robert Sweeney (23) | 6’5 270 | OT, IOL | Highland Park

Robert is a big, athletic offensive tackle who can pull and block defenders in the dirt and has long arms and a big body that he may build more muscle on in the future. Has received four Division I scholarships from Florida State, Maryland, Penn State, and SMU.

Previous Rank:#15

#13. Aidan Gilmore (23) |6’5 290 | IOL | Parish Episcopal

Gilmore is one of the few prospects who could easily be at the top of this list; he’s that good, with a great frame and build at 6’5″ almost three-hundred pounds, and appears to be very athletic. He moves well for a guy his size, and he’ll dominate at the next level.

Previous Rank:#20

#12.Kaden Carr (23) |6’5 300 | OT,OG | Amarillo

With a huge body, long arms, and a really stocky physique, this is a Texas Tech pledge with a punch to kill. Carr is an excellent blocker who has a powerful punch and can block equally well against the run as in pass pro. Holds 11 Division I scholarships and committed to Texas Tech in November of this year.

Previous Rank:#14

#11. Jaydon Chatman (23) | 6’4 285 | IOL | Harker Heights

Jaydon will give defenders a ride downfield with his strength and athleticism. He moves well for a big fellow, and can show flashes of strength throwing defenders around. He moves the pile well and can get around the edge to block out in space.

Previous Rank:#9

#10. Zachary Session (23 ) | 6’4 305 | OT, OG | Morton Ranch

Zachary is a big guy who can move the pile and has long arms, making him an effective blocker out in space. Has received 6 Division I scholarships offers.

Previous Rank:#13

#9. Andre Cojoe (23) | 6’6 315 | OT | Mansfield Timberview

At 6’6, Andre has long arms and a huge athletic frame, making him a force that few defenders can handle. He has good footwork in pass protection and can wash down the line with a powerful punch. Holds 8 Division I offers from schools like Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas & Texas A&M

Previous Rank:#6

#8. Isaiah Kema (23) | 6’4 280 | IOL, DL | Friendship

Isaiah is a big, strong athlete with good speed who has the ability to pull defenders off the ball and push them back. Has next-level size, skill, and intangibles and plays with a high motor and physical nature that can demolish players at the second level.

Previous Rank:#12

#7. Trevor Goosby (23) | 6’6, 280 | OT | Melissa

Goosby, a TCU commit, is already at the next level in terms of size and skills. He has a powerful punch that can flatten defenders upon impact, he does a nice job safeguarding the blindside in pass protection, and he has potential to add more muscle to his lengthy, sturdy body. As a junior in 2021, he started at left tackle.

Previous Rank:#11

#6. Harris Sewell (23) | 6’4′, 290 | IOL | Permian

Texas 2-6A unanimous first-team all-district pick as a junior 2020: Was a 2-6A first-team all-district selection as a sophomore Sewell is a bulldozer who can push defenders aside and frequently puts them in the dirt, has a little bit of a mean side to him, and continues to play

Previous Rank:#2

#5.Connor Stroh (23) | 6’7 345 | OT | Wakeland 

Stroh is one that has seen his recruitment heat up and takes off recently, — is one of the more dominant offensive linemen on this list, he’s got a great drive, a devastating punch, and a great physicality to his play.

Previous Rank:#4

#4.Ian Reed (23) | 6’5, 290 | OT | Vandergrift

Reed has a solid frame and base, maintains a good pad level blocking in pass protection, and has nice footwork. Reed is always mindful of the whistle and looks to score as many pancakes per game as possible. Schools like Clemson, Texas, and Alabama are all after him at the next level, so he’ll be exceptional.

Previous Rank:Missed

Biggest Riser & Top 3


#3. Isaiah Robinson (23) | 6’7 280 | OT | Lamar

Isaiah is our “Biggest Riser” for good reason; his recruitment has seen a huge surge and is showing to be developing into a top tier prospect this season. Robison is a great pass blocker with excellent size, power, and quickness to block any player. He’s still athletic enough to pull around and demolish defenders at the next level. In pass pro, he maintains a solid low foundation. Schools like Baylor, Texas, USC, and others have extended him offers.

Previous Rank:#12

#2. Colton Thomasson (23) | 6’7 360 | OT, IOL | Smithson Valley

Colton’s a prospect with an enormous wingspan, which he uses along with his size and strength to his advantage. Thomasson has a powerful punch and can pancake defenders at will. For the Aggies, he’ll be exceptionally effective and could also make an immediate impact.

Previous Rank:#3

#1. Tj Shanahan Jr. (23) | 6’5 300 | OT , IOL | Westlake

Tj is a violent blocker who nine times out of ten, puts a player on the ground. Tj has a devastating punch, is athletic and versatile on the offensive line, can play numerous spots, and looks like a future level offensive lineman already. No surprise that 40 Division I colleges have extended scholarships to him already.

Previous Rank: #1

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