2023 Offensive linemen Rankings

January 22, 2022


2:34 pm



Today we take a look at some of the big guys up front in the trenches. The top 2023 offensive linemen in the state are in order from who think is at the top. Lets go into the weekend, checking out some of the best offensive linemen recruits that keep QBS off their backs and open up holes for their guys. 

Players added to the list

Ian Reed (23) , Vandergrift 

#20.Aidan Gilmore (23) |6’5 290¬† | IOL | Parish Episcopal¬†

Gilmore is one of that could easily be at the top of this list, he is that¬†good, has¬†great size and build at 6’5 almost three-hundred pounds, looks very athletic, moves very well for a guy his size, and is a dominant interior¬†offensive lineman. A¬†terrific¬†FBS¬†caliber¬†prospect who can play for any¬†division¬†I school in the country and will dominate at the next level.


#19. Kolt De La Torre (23) | 6’2 ¬†285 ¬†| OC, IOL | Denton Ryan¬†

Kolt is one of the top centers in his class, a leader on that offensive line for Ryan that can move the pile and put guys in the dirt. Great in the run game, keeps driving, and can be good at combo blocking and knocking guys at the second level of defenders. Holds two offers to the University of Houston and Texas Tech. 


#18. Wes Tucker (23) | 6’5 250 ¬† | OT | Argyle¬†

Wes is a tall and lean, athletic-looking offensive lineman that can wash down defenders on the line and or deliver a devastating blow with a heavy-handed punch. If he adds more mass to his frame he will be a dominant, ready-to-go next-level recruit that could come in and contribute early on in his career. Holds three division I offers to Baylor, Kansas, and Texas Tech. 


#17. LaJuan Owens (23) | 6’4 315 | OT,DT | Fossil Ridge¬†

LaJuan is a big fellow that once he locks onto a defender— that’s it, there going to go down. A big fellow that has speed and can also move the pile. Shows great upper body strength and can throw defenders around like rag dolls. Could lean out and add more lean mass to his frame which would raise his stock a bit more. ¬†


#16. John Taplett (23) | ¬†6’5 275 ¬†| OT, OG | Southwest Christian¬†

Taplett can move for a big man, with great size, and lay people out on the way like a freight train. Shows a mean streak in him, can block well in space, and is very athletic. Keeps a low base and feet driving in till whistle is blown. 


#15. Robert Sweeney (23) | 6’5 270 ¬†| OT, IOL | Highland Park¬†

Robert is a very athletic offensive lineman that can pull around and block defenders in the dirt, has long arms and a big frame that he could add more mass to in the future, and be an even more, dominant offensive lineman. Has four division I offers for Florida State, Maryland, Penn State, and SMU. 


#14.Kaden Carr (23) |6’5 300 ¬†| OT,OG | Amarillo¬†

A Texas Tech commit with a big frame, long arms, and a very stout build. Carr is a nasty blocker, that has a devastating punch, is very heavy-handed, and can block just as well in pass pro as against the run. Holds 11 division I offers, committed to the Red Raiders back in November of this year. 


#13. Zachary Session (23 ) | 6’4 305 ¬†| OT, OG | Morton Ranch¬†

Sessions is a big guy that can move the pile, has long arms, a brutal punch, and is athletic enough to block out in space. Holds 3 Division I offers. 


#12. Isaiah Robinson (23) | 6’7 280 | OT | Lamar¬†

Isaiah is excellent in pass protection, is big enough to block anyone, and is still athletic enough to pull around and destroy defenders at the next level. Maintains a good low solid base in pass pro and against the run. Holds 20 division I offers to schools like Baylor, Texas, USC, and others. 


#11. Trevor Goosby (23) | 6’6 245 | OT | Melissa¬†

Goosby has next-level size and skills already. He features a heavy punch that can flatten defenders on impact, does a good job protecting the blindside in pass protection, and has room to add more mass to his lengthy, stout frame. 


#10. Daniel Sill (23) | 6’5 260 | OT, DL | A&M Consolidated¬†

Daniel is a dominant left tackle with excellent strength to drive defenders off the ball and uses his athletic ability and strength to pull around and kick out defenders. FBS prospect with great size and physical ability. 


#9. Jaydon Chatman (23) | 6’4 285 | IOL | Harker Heights¬†

Jaydon will give defenders a ride downfield with his strength and athletics, moves well for a big fellow, and can show flashes of strength throwing defenders around. Moves the pile well and can get around the edge and block out in space. 


#8 Ben Hartman (23) | 6’5 290 | IOL, OT | Lake Travis¬†

Ben features long arms and a divesting first punch at the snap of the ball. Has the athletic ability to just demolish defenders on screenplays, and finishes blocks packing others more often than not.  


#7. Isaiah Kema (23) | 6’4 280 | IOL, DL | Friendship¬†

Isaiah has excellent athletics and size and can pull around and drive defenders off the ball and on their back. Has next-level size, skills, and intangibles and plays with a high motor and physical nature and can demolish defenders at the second level. 


#6.Andre Cojoe (23) | 6’6 315 | OT | Mansfield Timberview¬†

Andre has very long arms paired with his big athletic frame at 6’6, making him a force not many defenders can withstand. Shows excellent footwork in pass pro and can wash defenders down the line with a heavy punch. Holds 8 Division I offers to schools like Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas & Texas A&M.¬†¬†


#5.Marcus Deal (23) | 6’6 290 | OT, DL | Naaman Forest¬†

Marcus can play both sides of the ball and dominate. On the offensive line, he is fast, strong and athletic, quick of the ball, and can flatten people. More than likely will play the defensive line at the next level, I think athleticism and skills bear out on either side. 


#4.Connor Stroh (23) | 6’7 345 | OT | Wakeland¬†

Stroh is one that has seen his recruitment heat up and takes off recently, — is one of the more dominant offensive linemen on this list, he’s got a great drive, a devastating punch, and a great physicality to his play.¬†


#3. Colton Thomasson (23) | 6’7 360 | OT, IOL | Smithson Valley¬†

Colton features a big wingspan, with above-average height for an interior OL, and has a stout build. He has a great punch and can pancake defenders at will. Texas A&M commit who will be special at the next level for the Aggies. 


#2. Harris Sewell (23) | 6’4 290 | IOL , OT | Permian¬†

Sewell is a bulldozer who can plow defenders over and often puts them in the dirt, got’s a little bit of a mean streak in him, finishes the play in till the whistle is blown and plays physical and full speed on every play, has great size and physical capability to be a dominate offensive linemen for a long time.¬†


#1. Tj Shanahan (23) | 6’5 300 | OT , IOL | Westlake¬†

Tj is a violent blocker who 9 times out of 10, puts a guy in the dirt every play. Tj features a devastating punch, is very athletic, & versatile on the offensive line, can play multiple positions, and looks like a next-level offensive lineman already. No wonder 40 Division I colleges have offered him already. 

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