2023 New Year Rankings: 25′ Running backs

March 14, 2023


8:31 pm



We kicked of the 2025 class rankings with taking a look at some of the very best quarterback recruits in the state of Texas and in the nation. Today we are taking a closer look at some of the very best running backs in the state.

We know some of the very best recruits come from the great state of Texas that compete at a national level with some of the other top recruits from others states from across the country. Lets take a look at some of the very best running backs recruits the class of 2025 has to offer in Texas High School football.


Top 20 Ranked Texas High School 2025 Running back Recruits


#20 Ranked QB (TX),  Kyle McCray (25′) | 5-8, 205 | RB | Cypress Ranch

#19 Ranked QB (TX), Ladamion McDowell (25′) | 5-7,155 | RB | Pearland

#18 Ranked QB (TX), Titus Muse (25) | 5-8, 175 | RB | Mesquite Horn

#17 Ranked QB (TX), Jayden Jackson (25) | 5-11, 210 RB | Franklin

#16 Ranked QB (TX), Brandon Thomas (25) | 5/8, 170 | RB | Lamar

#15 Ranked QB (TX), Michael Turner (25) | 6-0 / 190 RB | Richland

#14 Ranked QB (TX), Deandre Hardeman Jr. (25) | 5-8, 180 RB | North Shore

#13 Ranked QB (TX), Daniel Bray (25) | 5-9, 165 | RB | Cooper

#12 Ranked QB (TX), Kamran Williams (25) | 5-10 / 170 RB | Jefferson

#11 Ranked QB (TX), Dramekco Green (25) | 5-11, 180 | RB | Conroe


Top 10

#10 Ranked QB (TX), Cornelius Warren (25) | 5-10 / 170 RB | North Crowley

In 2022 Warren rushed for over 1000 yards on the ground ad racked up 20 rushing touchdowns as well on 121 attempts. Warren has an elite ability to turn what some might initially think as negative plays into positive ones by making a few elusive moves, and or lethal cutbacks. Warrens has great balance, vision, and speed to take the football the distance anytime he touches it. Holds four offers at the moment: Houston, Texas Tech, Utah, and UTSA.

#9 Ranked QB (TX), Aydan Martinez-Brown (25) | 5-9, 180 | RB | College Station

Aydan could easily be ranked higher with his athleticism in catching and running with the football out of the backfield. A threat because of his speed, agility, and soft hands, Aydan has the ability to make big plays happen at any moment’s notice. In 2022 Aydan was named District 11-5A-I Offensive Newcomer of the Year as a sophomore and helped College Station reach a state championship game.

#8 Ranked QB (TX), DJ Dugar (25) | 6-1, 205 | RB | Glenn

In 2021 DJ was a newcomer of the year and last year he did not disappoint either. DJ is a power running back who has the next-level size and talent enough to be on a college roster already. His patience running the football paired with his vision, and athleticism for being so big makes DJ one of our top-class 2025 running backs who could surpass many on this list and surprise many this coming season. One believes whose recruiting could heat up and skyrocket at any moment.

#7 Ranked QB (TX), Chad Gasper (25) | 5-11, 190 | RB | Katy Jordan

Chad is a tough power runner and can also impress with his versatility on offense being used on sweep plays because of his speed, however, because of Chad’s size and power he can still bulldoze over defenders. One who can feed the rock to all game long, and even line up out of the wildcat and just let him half the ball and he will take care of the rest. His physical and tough nature shows out on his runs.

#6 Ranked QB (TX), Riley Wormley (25) | 5-10 / 170 RB | Colleyville Heritage

Riley holds interest and offers from schools like Arkansas, Oklahoma, SMU, and many others for good reason (9 total offers). His elite ability to catch out of the backfield sets him apart as one many defenses have to account for being another dominant receiver out on the field. Also shows great awareness of open holes, letting them develop, and has the speed and agility to take runs for house calls to put up points on the scoreboard.

#5 Ranked QB (TX), Kiandrea Barker (25) | 6′, 190 | RB | The Woodlands

Baker has interest from some of the top programs in the country because of his ability to make people miss in the open field and stack multiple cuts on the same play for positive yardage or points. Can also catch out of the back field and be utilized in many different ways on offense.

#4 Ranked QB (TX), Javari Johnson (25) | 5-7, 175 | RB | Texas High

Javari is often the fastest athlete on the field and can be a lethal threat on offense or on special teams. His Olympic sprinter speed has the breakneck ability for fans in the stands looking to keep their eyes on Johnson on his way to scoring touchdowns. One of the more underrated running backs who we believe will take off soon. Holds four total offers respectively at the moment but we expect that number to increase dramatically soon.

#3 Ranked QB (TX), Deondrae “Tiger” Riden (25) | 5-10 / 170 | RB | DeSoto

Riden is a straight-line runner who can make one or two cuts and be off to the races with his elite speed and explosiveness running the football. Also shows good balance and running the football and can shed some arm tackles or break runs in the opposite direction and take the football into the endzone. In 2022 Deondrae rushed for over 1300 yards on 199 attempts and picked up 18 touchdowns rushing. Recent offers included Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma State to name a few.

#2Ranked QB (TX), Tory Blaylock (25) | 5-10, 170 | RB | Atascocita

Tory is a power runner matched with speed, power and great vision running the football. Plays in one of the toughest divisions in Texas High School football for Atascocita, and dominates. Blaylock checks off all of the boxes as an elite running back recruit and has earned 31 total division I offers from across the country at the moment. Tory’s pedigree is deep with a football family in his father who was an NFL running back and his brothers who are both division I college football athletes.

#1 Ranked QB (TX), Rickey Stewart (25) | 5-10 / 180 RB | Chapel Hill

This decision may shock many to list Rickey as number one on our board but it is hard not to as Stewart is an elite running back who brings both speed and power to his running style with impressive lateral moves and agility. Stewart can cut back on runs and cut the turf up running in the opposite direction and running into the endzone for six on consistent bases. He made our top spot because of his ability to run in between the tackles, his open-field moves, and talent separation which is evident compared to others whenever Rickey is on the field. In 2021 Rickey helped lead Chapel hill to an 11-4 record and a class 4A-I state semifinals appearance as a freshman, then in 2022, Rickey earned 9-4A-I Offensive MVP as a sophomore. Through his two years as a starter on varsity as a freshman and sophomore, Rickey has over 3200 yards rushing on 359 rushing attempts, and picked up 18 total touchdowns.



Honorable Mentions

Chase Garnett (25) | 5-9, 200 | RB | Liberty Christian

Kane Bowen (25) | 6-1 / 200 RB | Sherman

Isaiah Nelson (25′) | 5-10, 185 | RB, WR | Tomball Memorial


(Note: this post has been edited by a member of the tdrecruits editorial staff since first published.) 

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    1. This is CRAZY!!! The Co-Offensive Player of the Year is not even listed!!! LOL!!! Tyvonn Byars: 2346 yards/40 TDS/258 points in a single season. He is the most awarded player, more awarded this season than any on this list…. I don’t know where you guys come up with this stuff…. where did your info come from?

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