2023 New Year Rankings: 24′ Linebackers

January 23, 2023


1:12 pm



We kick off this week with a look at the top class of 2024 inside linebacker recruits in the state of Texas. Some names you may know and others you should. Here are a list of players who shined this past season in 2022, and solidified names for themselves among the top recruits in the state, and for some—the nation.

Top 15 Texas High School Inside Linebackers Recruits


#15. Ranked ILB (TX.)Devin Green (24) | 5-10 / 190 | LB | Timber Creek
#14. Ranked ILB (TX.)CJ Miller (24) | 5-11 / 200 | LB | Anna
#13. Ranked ILB (TX.)Braxton Jones (24) | 6-2 / 235 | LB | Nacogdoches
#12. Ranked ILB (TX.)Jeffrey Sekula (24) | 6-1 / 200 | LB | Plano
#11. Ranked ILB (TX.)Jonah Bowman (24) | 6-2 / 225 | LB | Rock Hill


Top 10


#10. Ranked ILB (TX.)Tyler Cooks (24) | 6-0 / 200 | LB | Manvel

Manvels defense will be scary next season as it was this past. Bartley becuase of these two linebacker fixing to be mentions. Cooks is a solid form tackling linebacker who is twitchy and cane come up with plays getting after the quarterback or stopping ball carriers behind the line of scrimmage.

#9. Ranked ILB (TX.)Kaleb Blanton (24) | 6-1 / 205 | LB | Manvel

Really loved the size of Blanton at 6-foot-1, he looks bigger on the field of play, and sure does not disappoint in his play. Could easily be one who surpasses some on this list because of his ability to read plays quickly and flash elite speed getting to the ball carrier. Blanton is a great tackler and can also play well against the pass and come up with INTS.

#8. Ranked ILB (TX.)Jaylen Boardley (24) | 6′ / 190 | LB | Pleasant Grove

Jaylen is one of the very few players we have ranked at multiple postions, running back and linebacker. He can play both very well and dominate from wither side of the ball. Mostly likely projects to play linebacker at the next level because of his open field tackling ability, athleticism and speed. Holds 11 total division I offers to schools like Arkansas, Baylor, and Duke.

#7. Ranked ILB (TX.)Xavier Atkins (24) | 6′ / 205 | LB | Summer Creek

An LSU commit, Atkins can light ball carriers up like a Christmas tree and live in opponents backfield. Despite the lack of stature, Atkins is a a player maker who can come up with PBU’s , INTs, or tackles for losses. Held 12 total offers before committing to the Tigers back in July of 2022, but the Texas A&M Aggies just made their offer and will be interesting to see what comes of it bacasue of the buzz that came of a recent visit to college station and offer for Atkins.

#6. Ranked ILB (TX.)Brandon Booker (24) | 6-1 / 185 | LB | DeSoto

Booker is a under the radar recruit who we believe will pick up more stars and offers as time goes on. Plays for national powerhouse DeSoto, and does well against tough competition. A hard hitting linebacker who displays great athleticism and smarts reading plays and coming up with stops. Auburn, Baylor, FSU, and LSU are all apart of is total 9 division I offers.

#5. Ranked ILB (TX.)Davhon Keys (24) | 6′ / 215 | LB | Aledo

Davhon is an athlete that can dominate on offense at running back and on defense at the middle linebacker position. Despite the lack of height, Keys is a athletically sought built recruit who displays his strength, speed and agility tracking down ball carriers and coming up with stops for tackles for losses or sacks in the backfield. Can cover sideline to sideline and plays well against the pass. In 2022 Keys maid plenty of plays with 123 total tackles, 5 PBU’s, 3 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recovers , and one interception and touchdown. Holds 17 division I offers to schools like Duke, UNLV, and Colorado to mention a few that have offered recently.

#4. Ranked ILB (TX.)Brandon Jones (24) | 6-1 / 190 | LB | South Oak Cliff

Jones is a run stopping linebacker who is a hard hitting linebacker who can come down hill and lay the lumber on opponents and stop them dead in their tracks. This past season in 2022 Jones was a beast for the Oak Cliff defense with 199 total tackles, 20 TFLs, 8 sacks, and 2 PBUs.

#3. Ranked ILB (TX.)Tyanthony Smith (24) | 6-1 / 185 | LB | Jasper

Smith is one who can sniff out plays and read them well. A highly productive player who showcase speed, agility and strength on every play.Shows he can also let plays develop and come to him, maintaining his gap control, with smooth lateral speed and agility. Holds 20 division I offers.

#2. Ranked ILB (TX.)Justin Williams (24) | 6-2/205 | LB | Oak Ridge

Justin has a lengthy, athletic looking frame at the middle linebacker position, and has elite running back speed in which he uses to track down defenders or cause havoc in backfields. Love the motor and high pursuit to the ball carrier on this guy, and he can also bring the lumber. Williams was named District 13-6A, defensive player of the year with 95 total tackles, 17 tackles for losses, and 8.5 sacks according to his Hudl. Holds 27 division I offers to schools like Auburn, Oregon, and TCU to name a few.


#1. Ranked ILB (TX.)Payton Pierce (24) | 6-1 / 225 | LB | Lovejoy

Peyton is our NO.1  ranked linebacker recruit, and for good reason. He’s an athlete and tackling machine; an intuitive and instinctive linebacker who studies his opponents, and can come up with the big time plays. Pierce is speed has elite, speed and agility with the ability to cover sideline to sideline and that can explode into backfield’s and come up with the stops. Holds 37 total division I offers. Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma are just a few that have offered.






Bryce President (24) | 6-0 / 230 | LB | Rockwall-Heath
Kabriel Anderson-Dale (24) | 5-10 / 187 | LB | Harker Heights
Dillon Dixon (24) | 6-0 / 215 | LB | North Shore


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