2023 DeSoto Defensive Back Jaden Millner-Jones Commits to SMU

June 13, 2022


7:26 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

DALLAS,Tx. – 2023 DeSoto Defensive back Jaden Millner-jones is staying close to home and is committed to SMU.

Jaden was our 15th-ranked defensive back in his class in Texas. Jaden is a tackling machine on defense who can be relied upon. He has the potential to play as a hybrid defender, blitzing the passer or making a TFL and/or dropping in coverage to make plays.

Jaden had this to say about his commitment:What’s Understood Ain’t Gotta Be Explained 1000% Committed”

– Jaden Millner-Jones

Millner-Jones is a three-star athlete who can play multiple positions but athleticism bears out most at defensive back.

SMU’s class currently ranks No. 27 in the country, but with new commitments, they could easily move up the charts.

Jaden is an FBS level athlete with 15 Division I offers from schools including UConn, Mississippi State as well as others. He is ranked as the 15th-best defensive back in his class by tdrecruits.com. Pony up Dallas!

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