2023 Defensive back Rankings

January 28, 2022


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The 2023 class is loaded with talented defensive backs who can ball. A few well-deserving others made it very hard not to put them on this list, so this was a very tough job to rank all of these physically gifted corners, safeties, and other top prospects that are here in Texas. We send you into the weekend with the top 20 defensive back recruits in the 2023 cycle here in Texas ranked in order.


#20.Jaden Millner-Jones (23) | 5’11 175 | S | DeSoto

Jaden is a great open-field tackler and can be consistent on the defensive side of the ball. Can be used as sort of a hybrid defender who can come down in the box, rush the passer, or make a TFL and or drop back in coverage and make plays. FBS caliber athlete with 8 Division I offers from schools like UConn, Mississippi State, SMU, and others.

#19.Lamodrick Spencer (23) | 6’1 160 | S | Duncanville

Spencer holds 5 Division I offers, he has the big-play ability and can change the momentum of a game, with a devasting hit, a forced fumble, or an interception, which makes it all look easy. Has sprinter speed is dangerous with the football in his hands and can put up points on the defensive side of the ball. FBS prospect with a high ceiling.

#18.Bruce Mitchell (23)| 6’1 180 | S | ¬†Frisco

Bruce has a knack for football and can come with some interceptions that will have you thinking, “where did he come from?”, he’s super sneaky at letting plays develop in his favor, and can bait QBs into throwing his way. His long arms, lengthy frame, give him the ability to keep stride for stride with receivers and he can turn his head to let his long arms get in the way of the football and receivers.

#17.Calvin Simpson-Hunt (23) | 6’0 175 | CB | Waxahachie

Calvin has Olympic track sprinter speed, he can come up with some tackles for losses in the opponent’s backfield. Plays with a high physicality¬†and can fly down the field to make some plays on the ball. Well, be very special for the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

#16.Brenden Jordan (23) | 6’0 185 | S | Mansfield

Jordan is a physical safety that can lay the lumber on receivers when he comes downhill and they go up for the catch, he is able to deliver hits that jar the ball loose and has the speed to close the gap quickly. Love the size of this guy, has a stout lean build. Holds 10 division I offers at the moment.

#15.Caimon Mathis (23) | 5’11 155 | CB | DeSoto

Mathis holds 12 division I offers and faces tough competition week in and week out. He shows great awareness for making the big-time plays look routine, whether that’s coming up with the interception and returning it for six points or knocking the football out of the opponent’s hands. Mathis can do it all. Terrific FBS caliber athlete who could have immediate success at the next level.

#14.Abdul Muhammad (23) | 5’9 190 | CB | South Oak Cliff

Abdul is a very physical corner who shows he can drive in front of passes and has the speed to take them all the way into the end-zone. He has that big-play ability and can knock out opponents on the way. Holds 10 Division I offers.

#13.Jacoby Davis (23) | 5’11 170 | CB | North Shore

Davis is one of the most physical on the list, his motor is always high; he can jam up receivers at the LOS and knock them off their routes.

#12.Vernon Glover Jr. | 5’11 170 | CB | Dickinson

Vernon is able to jam up receivers, knock them off their routes, flip hips well, and can get his head around to make a play on the ball. Also a ballhawk on soecial teams.

#11.Micah Bell (23) | 5’11 160 | CB | The Kinkaid School

Bell plays with high motor whether that’s running the football on special teams or out of the backfield, at the corner he shows he can be physical within a route, his physical nature translates to tackling, and always looks to knock or jar the ball loose. Project to be an immediate contributor at the next level and has

#10.Jayvon Thomas (23) | 5’11 170 | DB, RB | South Oak Cliff

Jayvon is a tremendous athlete that can be used all over the field at CB, RB, and on special teams. Has elite closing speed, can cover receivers well, and get his head around to track the football. Holds 27 Division I offers.

#9.Jaylon Braxton (23) | 5’11, 160 | DB | Lone Star

A two-sport athlete that competes in track as well as football. Has the kind of closing speed that will knock the wind out of defenders and get the crowd going wild. Reads play well, breaks on the ball, and flashes the elite speed to take picks all the way back for six points.

#8.Daniel Demery (23) | 6’1 190 | DB | Parish Episcopal

Daniel has the size, with a lean athletic build, and can play down in the box against the run or against the passing game. Great athlete who can also be used to return punts on special teams and be a threat to take it back for a house call anytime he touches the ball because of his speed.

#7.Deldrick Madison (23) 5’11 175 | CB | Duncanville

Madison looks to be very physical at the LOS and can jam up receivers on their routes, knock them off course, tracks the ball and attack it. Has been offered by 24 different division I programs.

#6.Ryan Yates (23) | 6’2 185| DB | Denton Guyer

Yates is a cover corner that features a long, lean athletic-looking frame with long arms and who shows a good technique, nice bend, w, smooth in his backpedal, and can knock down passes or come up with the interception. Holds 20 division I offers to schools like Michigan State, Ole Miss, and Texas to name a few.

#5.Braxton Myers (23) | 6’1 185 | S | Coppell

Myers is a ball hawk, who shows an elite ability to trail receivers and come up with some interceptions. Looks light on his feet, possesses closing speed, and can light up ball carriers like the sky on the fourth of July. Holds 32 Division I offers to schools like Auburn, Clemson, Texas & USC to name a few.

#4.Jamel Johnson (23) |6’0 170 | DB, ATH | Seguin

Jamel is an athlete whose athleticism bears out on the defensive side of the ball. He shows tremendous skill in his backpedal, trailing receivers, driving on the football, and ball skills. Texas longhorns commit who held 34 DI offers before his commitment to the longhorns.

#3.Peyton Bowen (23)| 6’0 185 | S | ¬†Denton Guyer

Notre Dame commit Peyton Bowen’s commit is one of the best safety’s regardless of class. He flys all over the football field delivers some devastating blows to receivers, he is able to make the big plays look routine. Holds long-term success at the next level and is projected to be a Sunday player.

#2.Javien Toviano (23)|6’0 185 | CB | ¬†Martin

Toviano is an elite athlete who is next-level ready. He can be used on both sides of the ball at receiver, running back, defensive back, and special teams. He can jam up receivers at the line of scrimmage and swat down passes thrown his way. He can put a seatbelt on the best of them, holds 33 Division I offers.

#1.Malik Muhammad (23)| 6’0 170 | CB | South Oak Cliff

Malik is a versatile athlete with elite speed and skills on both sides of the ball and can be used at various different positions in the defensive backfield. With his leg arms, strength, and speed, Malik makes plays on passes thrown his way and shows he can trail receivers and track the football. Holds 42 Division I offers and can go play anywhere in the country he chooses.

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