16 Hidden Gem Prospects to know this Fall: 2023 Quarterbacks

May 3, 2022


9:32 am



We do not believe in the word “offseason” around here like many in our industry, there is no “offseason” in our line of work as football never sleeps year round. So with that, we give you a way to early look at some of the very best and exlusive list of the top “hidden gem” prospects to know here in the state of Texas.

We will be taking a look at some of the best names to know this fall in the 2023 and 2024 classes. Prospects that are flying under the radar, underrated or are just making a name for themselves and are worthy of knowing.

Today we take a look at some of the best signal callers in the class of 2023. We have sixteen of whom we believe are some best “hidden gems” recruits everyone will hear about this season in Texas High School football.


Patrick Burke (23) | 6’2″, 180 | QB | Episcopal School of Dallas

Patrick is a dual threat quarterback who is just as comfortable throwing the football on the run as he is in the pocket.Has the requisite height and size; also shows an impressive ability to launch the football deep down field and can hit receivers in stride.Has impressive velocity on all of his throws, and can split defenders while also being able to showcase elite ball placement.A few aspects of his game can be improved, however, we believe Patrick is most certainly an FBS to FCS caliber prospect who is flying under-the-radar at the moment.

Bryce Fucik (23) | 6’2, 185 | QB | Strake Jesuit

Bryce is one QB that could be among the top of his class. Performed well at an elite  11 competition recently; showcases the necessary tools as a passer and a runner, but looks to pass first by keeping eyes down field for the big plays or what taking whatever the defense gives him.

Kaden Brown(23) | 6’2, 175 | QB | Midlothian Heritage

Kaden is very impressive on film, and shocked us when we discovered he did not have any offers. Holds many interest from colleges but not a lot of people are aware of the elite skills Kaden possesses as a dual-threat quarterback that can do it all making him a hidden gem that will explode onto the scene this fall.

JT Fayard (23) | 6’5,  195 | QB | Foster

No one has worked harder this offseason, and “hopes to lead Forster to a state title” JT told our staff. Look out for JT who has multiple interest from schools like LSU,Texas A&M and Nebraska to blow up this year in recruiting and for Foster.

Duke Butler Jr. (23) | 6’2 , 185 | QB | Shadow Creek

Duke is one who is flying under the radar and is a terrifically talents QB who can make plays with his arm, or buy time with his legs and take off or throw a strike deep down field. Look for him top be one who can turn heads for shadow creek this fall.

Nathan Greek (23) | 6’3, 250 | QB | Ferris

Nathan is one quarterback recruit who turned heads last season. With his protyipical size and raw talent he is one hidden gem prospect who has been special for Ferris.

Preston Hatter (23) | 6’1, 180 | QB | Klein Oak

Hatter is a dual-threat quarterback athlete who makes a significant impact when he is in the game and his presences is felt when he is out of it. Last season due to injury, Hatter had to sit on the sidelines for a bit, but should come back stronger than ever this year in his senior campaign for Klein Oak this fall.

Brady Dever (23) | 6’1, 185 | QB | Fort Bend Christian Academy

Brady is one hidden gem prospect that everyone should know. He showcases a beautifully thrown deep ball and works the pocket beautifully with excellent footwork. Call this guy the “mail man”with his ability to work the pocket and hang in the face of pressure while still delivering a nice catchable football right on time.

Gavin Rutherford (23) | 6’1, 190 | QB | Cinco Ranch

Gavin is one who made a name for himself last season and has since then seen a rise in his recruiting stock. In 2021 was named 6A Offensive Player of the Year as junior and has now picked up all six of his offers this year.

Weston Smith (23) | 6’5, 215 | QB | Colleyville Heritage

Weston is a large prototypical quarterback that had a terrific junior season and has since committed to Princeton. Could still pick up more interest and offers this fall after a impressive senior campaign sure to come.

Colin Johnson (23) | 6’2,175 | QB | Dawson

Get the popcorn when you get watch this guy on film. He shows some impressive footwork, the ability to hang in the pocket and rifle passes in between defenders. Arm dexitry is a little side arm, almost baseball like with great velocity. Will be one who could pick up some offers this year and turn his recruitment around in his senior season.

Caleb Koger (23) |  5’10,165 | QB | Katy

Kroger was impressive for the Katy Tigers to say the least. Shows he can operate out of the pro-style type of offense and take snaps under center. Showcases a great ability to throw on the run or sit in the pocket and pick defenses apart.

Khalon Davis (23)| 6′,175 | QB | Denton Ryan

Davis was finding his groove last year for Ryan, and flashed impressive arm strength accuracy and touch at times leading Ryan to some very impressive wins on the season. Tecquine and a few aspects need improvement but look for one who can make a difference this fall for Denton Ryan Raiders.

Jackson Gilkey (23) | 6’2, 200 | QB | Ennis

Gilkey blew up this fall and isn’t under the radar but could still be considered as a hidden gem as he does not posses the uperwards amounts of offers that some of his peers do. Gilkey is on the rise and will be a QB who can move up a lot of rankings and recruiting boards this fall as he is quickly on the rise now. Holds offers to schools like Arkansas State, Tulane and Houston to name a few.

Keldric Luster (23) 5’10, 200 | QB | Liberty

Keldric Luster is one dual threat QB/ athlete to keep your eye on who is vey much so a hidden gem. Being below the average height of the position hasn’t helped his case but Luster is a great athlete that can out play everyone on the field and shows superb touch throwing the football.

Cutter Stewart (23) | 6′, 170 | QB | Orange Grove

Last but certainly not least is Cutter Stewart. In 2021 he won 3A Co MVP as a junior with some impressive stats throwing for just over 2,000 yards and 17 touchdowns. Is one to keep your eye out for this fall.



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