Top Defensive backs in Portal

June 3, 2021


12:50 pm



Today we take a look at some of the top corners in the state. These guys have entered the transfer portal either recently or near the beginning of the year. Either way, these are some of the top defensive backs in the state of Texas.




Jordan Nichols (20) | 6’0″ 185 | S / DB | North Texas

Jordan was a three-star prospect coming out of high school. He was a hard-hitting safety that could make some big-time plays on the ball. He could lay the wood coming downhill on ball carriers and could cover sideline to sideline. He showed he could read plays and pursue the ball relentlessly and always look for the knock-out hit. Great prospect.



Travon Fuller (16) | 6’1″ 175 | CB | Texas A&M

Fuller who many had thought had ended his career last year has entered the portal early last month. The 4 star DB out of high school was one of the top recruits in his class. He’s decided to give football another shot.



Terry Keys III (18) | 6’0″ 165 | CB | SMU

Coming out of high school Keys was an extremely hard-hitting defensive back who could absolutely demolish guys out there on the field. I didn’t see too many tapes3 of him covering the pass but he looked adequate. He has good size and a lean build. One DB definitely to keep your eye on in the portal.


Dequan Watts (19) | 6’2″ 165 | CB | Texas Tech

Dequan was a 3-star guy coming out of high school. He’s got the ideal size and height for a corner. A tall, long cornerback with an elite frame. Possesses a closing speed, smooth in his backpedal and tracks the ball, and attacks it. Overall a steal of a DB in the portal.


Aaron Reynolds (20) | 6’2″ 185 | CB / DB Texas State

Another prototypical-sized corner that can cover the field well and make some big plays on the field.  He’s got a tall and long frame with a long wingspan. I liked him best playing at the safety position. He can cover sideline to sideline and possesses good closing speed as well.













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