Pylon National Championship: Top Quarterbacks

July 13, 2021


9:30 am


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This 7v7 season has been a wild one and very interesting seeing the next top QB’s ahead of the fall season. The season ended with a bang at AT&T Stadium crowning a National Champion. The top teams who qualified were all in attendance along with the Top Signal callers to look out for!


Davi Belfort 2025 | 6’0″ 185 | QB | Cardinal Newman HS (FL)

The young gunslinger has gained the trust from Coach Ro to run the FAST 7v7 national team ahead of his Freshman year. He has shown his ability to pick apart defenses and make throws through tight windows. All his skills have been noticed as he holds 5 D1 offers from ASU, FAU, Alabama, FSU, and Miami. Davi has a very intriguing High school career to look forward to.


Chris Parson 2023 | 6’0″ 190 | QB | Ravenwood HS (TN)

Parson never fails to disappoint putting on a clinic on any field he shows up at. The biggest attribute is his arm strength. Parson loves to let the ball fly on go and post routes making 40+ yard throws look easy. Another skill I’ve noticed, that he has been working on his sidearm throws as he releases darts to his receivers on short gain plays. Chris looks to continue to show his talent in his first year at Ravenwood Hs in Tennessee as a 3-star.


Christian Dorsey 2022 | 6’3″ 190 | QB | Hitchcock HS (TX)

The 3-star QB from South Texas representing STE Elite can place the ball anywhere he pleases to. Throughout the National Championship weekend, every pass he completed was where he wanted the ball to be. The buzz from his throws are very eye-opening but Dorsey also can run the ball as in high school you can see him taking off on option plays. This 7v7 season has been very beneficial for Dorsey as he gets to showcase all his talent ahead of his senior year.

Blake Birchler 2022 | 6’3″ 185 | QB | Freedom HS (FL)

Blake Birchler is a Dual-Sport athlete from Florida playing football and baseball but this spring/summer he has shined all year on the gridiron with 24K 7v7. He led his team all the way to the National Championship game with a near-perfect completion rate. The ability to go through all his reads before his throw is astonishing and the trust he puts in his receivers as he was never afraid to leave the ball up to his receivers. After this 7v7 season expect a breakout year from Blake as he still has no offers yet but indeed put himself on coaches’ radars before his senior year.




Avery Smith 2022 | 6’0″ 180 | Riverwood HS (GA)

Avery Smith left me with only one nickname to give him and that’s the “Thread the Needle Master.” All weekend every throw was on point for only his receivers. You couldn’t leave any window open for Smith as he has one of the best lead passes I’ve ever seen that lead him and Cam Newton 7v7 to take home the National Championship.






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