7-on-7 Lock Down Defenders

May 27, 2021


9:06 pm



We are showcasing some of the best defenders we saw this 7-on-7 season. Some of the nation’s best come out and compete at some of these tournaments held at either Pylon or Championship 7-on-7 tournaments. The stars do come out in busloads and these are a group of guys that shy away from the spotlight.



Julian Humphrey (22) | 6’2″ 180 | DB / WR | Clear Lake

Julian is absolutely lockdown at every tournament. Probably the most impressive from a physical and talent standpoint. I mean this guy can really fly and make plays all over the field. Also, track stars and get this had over 30 Division I offers. Yeah pretty amazing to have some big-time offers like Penn State, Baylor, USC, LSU, and Texas A&M. However Julian decided to take his talents to the swamp and play for the Florida Gators which he just recently announced.



Jaylon Guilbeau (22) | 6’0″ 170 | Memorial

The future longhorn was one of the most impressive athletes on the field at every tournament. He possesses great size and length for a corner and is built. His backpedal is smooth and he can trail and show of his extreme competitiveness when trying to break up the ball. He is a sure tackler on film and in college, should add more mass and skill to put him over the top and send him into draft day for the NFL.




Jacoby Davis (23) | 5’11 170 | DB | North Shore

Strong and physical at the line of scrimmage. Jacoby can knock off the best of receivers off of their routes and be almost a bully out there on the field. He doesn’t have terrific heigh, but his strength, vertical ability, and competitive nature. Make him guy receivers do not like going up against. Holds some prominent offers from schools like Auburn,  Michigan, Mississippi State, and Baylor to name a few.



Bruce Mitchell (23) | 6’1″ 180 | Frisco Lone Star

Bruce is a playmaker out there on the field and he makes the big plays look routine. I loved this DBs ability to trail wide receivers, play physically, and has a tremendous awareness out there on the field.


Stay tuned for tomorrow as we have another list coming out of our final top defenders.


Here are some of the names we will talk about tomorrow who also showed out this 7v7 season.


Alan Caracheo (22) | DB | Cornerstone Christian

Aiden Inesta-Rodriquez (22) | 5’7″ DB | Brandeis

Tevon Cortez (22) | 6’0″  | DB | Steele

Esteban Guillory (22) | 6-1   | Cornerstone Christian

Dejuan Lewis (22) | 5’11”  | DB | Shadow Creek

Qwuincy Amos (23) | 5’10”  | DB | Earl Warren

Tyler Tunner (23) | 6’0″ | DB | Brennan

Jared Kerr (22) | 6’0″  | WR/DB | Lexigton


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