7-on-7 Defenders to Remember

May 27, 2021


9:06 pm



We end the month talking about some of the top defenders who really shined and raise their recruiting stock this 7-on-7 season.

Every single one of these guys you will potentially see playing at the next level the only question is what school will they continue their careers at. Here are the top defenders on our list.



Alan Caracheo (22) | 5’10” 180 | DB | Cornerstone Christian

Alan was a lockdown corner all tournament long and had the clamps on receivers at every single time. He’s got a lean athletic build and he has a nose for the football. Showed great awareness out there on the field and made the big-time plays – look routine. Should be special to watch this season.




Aiden Inesta-Rodriquez (22) | 5’7″ 145|  DB | Brandeis

No one raised their stock more this offseason at the DB position than Aiden. This is an athlete who despite his lack of height. Plays excellent on both sides of the ball. He showered off his amazing ability to climb the latter and either go up to catch, intercepted, or swat down a pass. Either way, absolutely phenomenal on the field. Made a name for himself at the rival’s camp also and put everyone on notice to keep an eye out for him. I think he could play at FBC/FCS school at the next level without a doubt.


Tevon Cortez (22) | 6’0″ 170 | DB | Steele

One of the best cornerback prospects in the San Antonio area. A long and tall DB with a great wingspan. He has smoother than silk back-pedals and has a good change of direction speed. I think he looks legitimately like a strong FBS type of prospect out there on the field. Recruitment should take off this season.


Esteban Guillory (22) | 6-1″ 185 | DB-Hybrid | Cornerstone Christian

Man, I cannot say enough about this guy. If I am a defensive coordinator I want this guy either at the safety position, playing a little bit of corner, and or coming down in the box as an extra defender. What does that tell you about Guillory? He can do it all, plays against the run, and pass very well. Lights up ball carriers like the Fourth of July and has a great build and size. Army, Navy, and Campbell have all offered.


Dejuan Lewis (22) | 5’11” 185  | DB | Shadow Creek

Athlete on the field who has a lean athletic build and is fast. He was one of the more athletic defenders I saw on the field who could back up his talk. A fierce competitor who takes pride in breaking up passes and being shut down.


Qwuincy Amos (23) | 5’10” 165 | DB | Earl Warren

Another San Antonio prospect showed out at the 7-on-7 tournaments. I was very impressed by his play, his long lengthy frame, and wingspan. He’s got some arms long enough to get in a larger receiver catch radius. A fierce competitor on the field that also takes pride in being a lockdown corner. Held his own against some tough competition. This season he should earn some more offers with good tape.



Tyler Turner (23) | 6’0″ 180 | DB | Brennan

Tyler was a standout player at these tournaments. He has terrific size relative to the defensive back position and he could really make some big-time plays. He has been on varsity for two seasons and has a career total of 66 tackles and 5 interceptions. Should be special next season.


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