Top 2024 defensive linemen

August 23, 2021


1:31 pm



We have covered the top 2022, & 2023 defensive linemen prospects in Texas High School football already. Now our focus shifts to the up-and-coming 2024 underclassmen to know and watch out for this season. 

If you are like us and can not wait for the high school football season to kick off already or just football in general. We are excited too. Let’s take a look here at some of the top recruits in the trenches to watch for this season. 

Top 2024 DLs

Zina Umeozulu, Allen

Zina doesn’t have a lot of game tape yet but he is a beast of the edge and will be one of the best edge defenders in the nation. Zina could very well have over 30-40 Division I offers at the end of his career. Brother Neto, is a prominent Division I prospect on many prestigious schools recruiting boards as well. Holds six early offers from school like Florida and USC who are impressed with his Immense talent and size. At 6’4”, two-hundred and ten pounds, Zina looks like a man amongst boys and plays like one too. With his tall lean athletic looking frame and long arms paired with his speed and strength make Umeozulu an instoppable force with a arsenal of hand moves and technique to get the ball carrier in the backfield.

Nigel Smith Jr, Melissa

At 6’5” 250 Nigel looks like a strong interior defensive linemen who has a great first step off the football and can explode past blockers. Smith can make his way to the quarterback with his sheer strength and agility. Looks like he has a good motor and pursuit to the football.

Xadavien Sims, Denison

Sims had a tall, lengthy frame at 6’3” two-hundred and thirty-five pounds. Looks like he could mold into being a strong pass rusher of the edge. He’s got a few aspects of his technique he can work on like hand moves and getting off the ball quicker. However, he possseses all the intangible attributesyoud like to see at the defensive end position. Holds one early offer to Arkansas.

Caleb Mitchell, DeSoto

Caleb is a strong presence off the edge and checks off all of the boxes at that position. He possesses long arms, big frame with mass. Looks like He will continue to grow into a prominent edge rusher roll for the eagles this season. Watch out foe him the season, he could be wrecking havoc in backfields near you this season.

Zion Taylor, Shadow Creek

One of my favorite up-and-coming underclassmen on the defensive line is Taylor who has impressive speed and agility off the edge. A tireless worker who continues to improve his craft to be a dominant edge defender. You can tell a lot of time, practice, and effort has gone into his explosiveness off the ball and hand moves. He can beat blockers a number of different ways whether that be with his speed or hands, this Shadow creek defender is one reason why their defense looks so scary this season.


Watchlist players

Kai Rigdon, Ferris

Tristan Bennett, Forney High School

Zion Carter, McKinney North

Dealyn Evans, Pine Tree

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